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There will be no niggers on mars until the first jew on mars has time to set-up shop.

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Omfg this is a depressing thought. There isnt enough space in the infinite universe to coexsist with jews and niggers.

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Don't worry he said he wouldn't go.

He claims it's because someone might hurt his feelings.

We know it's because there might be work and risk involved.

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the story of our species... unchanged throughout the ages. We build a great city/nation and the jews show up and start fucking things up, then invite in all the neighboring tribes and completely wreck the place and we leave and start over far away... we build a great city/nation and the jews show up....

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That's when there are black slaves again too.

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There are black slaves still, in Africa.
And if you don't care about the physical shackles, then there are plenty of black debt slaves in America.
And it's still all thanks to jews and niggers alike that these systems exist.

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LMAO. Genius. Not wrong.

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"alright guys, we decided we dont want earth anymore, its just too much. We are gonna build on mars and you black and jewish folk can have earth.. its just not worth the hassle, you niggers breed faster than we can manufacture ammunition to put you down, and those resources are better spent elsewhere. We're leaving, we're going to mars, enjoy earth."

"yo nigga can we come?"


"OI but without diversity how will you survive!"

"just fine, you cant come either."

"but my fellow white!"


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That was funny. I chuckled.

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They are literally incapable of thinking past race. His brain likely could not even comprehend the scope of such an activity and the responsibility the astronauts would carry; nope, it's just all about the nigger as usual.

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And he can't think past his own race, either. The majority of the crew is said to be 'White', presumably Americans, and a British guy, both groups who fought long and hard to abolish slavery, and he presumes the first thing they will do when free of normal society is to institute slavery. The only ones I hear talking about wanting to enslave anyone is niggers (and sandniggers).

The only way the scenario is at all plausible is if those were actually (((white people))) comprising the crew. But that's as implausible as having a nigger in the crew, as they are even more adverse to labor and colonizing a new world is more hardship than they are willing to tolerate.

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Dats da laugh fam

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They know what happens when the government and police aren't there to protect them.

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I predict jews will do everything they can to prevent an exodus to space for whites.

The fucking moment that whites are free to go colonize space at large is the moment jews lose everything.

The extent to which the white man would dominate the vast expanses of the galaxy in a rapid expansion compared to the other races would be absolutely fucking insane. In just a couple hundred years, human population would be 99.99999% white and 99.9999% of the remaining population would be Asian.

The other races can't survive in space colonies except insofar as they are supported by whites or asians. All their failings will be magnified a millionfold and every one of their flaws will be fucking lethal. There will be a significant period of time where humans will be in relatively small groups and communities. Nobody will be able to spare the resources to support lazy retards. And so far out, there's no enforcement mechanism to make sure that everyone obeys ZOG. Those people will be killed off either by nature or the people that get sick of them.
And very quickly, there won't be enough jews to keep a lid on everything.

Think about it. Nobody else is viable in space. At least not until everything is all built up and 'lesser race safe' so to speak. In the same way we have to childproof a house to make it safe for children, we've done that to the natural world. We would have to do that to space to make them viable up there only it'd take a lot longer because if they fuck up and chimp out and break the wrong window or fry the wrong circuit everyone dies.

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I've long wondered 'why now?'

Why after so much undeniable and incredible innovation is there a movement to send everything back to the stone ages?

What are they so afraid of? Why is it so important to put a stop to White Innovation now?

There must be something breathtaking and paradigm altering beyond the horizon.

I think it very well could be in space. After all, that's where the future lies.

There is something they don't want us to have. And that makes me want it even harder.

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nah, things been like this for awhile, like the fall of rome. Just people are content with their lives and wanna try to become the ultimate world ruler, eventually we'll take two steps back then move 3 steps forward.

[–] Merchant_Menace ago 

There are 4 things that i can think of off the top of my head.

1) space and for the reasons I just explained

2) AI because so far as I've seen every instance of a 'free' AI ends up being pro-white and anti everything else

3) singularity and by that i mean the ability to increase intelligence. because if you can do that a little then ostensibly with your newfound intelligence you could increase it slightly more which would let you increase it more etc etc on down the line in a chain reaction until you end up being so dramatically smarter than anyone else that everyone else is effectively powerless.
4) any kind of mind reading device / thought transfer / a lie detector that actually works. if there were a way to convey thoughts including how much the person believes that thought then the jews are 1000000% fucked. Either by linking to an antisemite or even to a jew. either way they're fucked. Imagine being able to transfer all your redpilled knowledge to someone in the blink of an eye when they're not prepared to throw up their brainwashed defenses. The faster it works the more dangerous. Imagine if you could just go around tapping people on the noggin and they instantly learn all that shit. you could turn entire towns in a day. if you had multiple devices you might get a box of them and distribute them with the redpill to passersby so it'd go exponential. what the fuck would they even be able to do to stop something like that once it got out? fucking nothing.

There's probably other shit i haven't even thought of.

But they might have one or more of these techs already and they just got it first because they control so much wealth and resources. But they can't use that shit like we can.

Come to think of it it does seem highly likely that the jews got ahold of an AI of some form. Some of their moves over the past decade have been just too insane, but then again I'm not super great at seeing all the potential for evil shit so maybe they're not as brilliant as it seems to me and i just have a blind spot.

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Asians couldn't sustain either.

Asians rely on stealing innovation and cheating each other until one tribe dominates.

[–] Merchant_Menace ago 

Meh. With automation going the way it's going I think they could sustain enough to be .000001% of the population or something.

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Bug people are totally incapable of innovation.

Ask me how I know you are a ricedick bugchaser.

[–] ABastionOfFreeSpeech 1 point 1 point (+2|-1) ago  (edited ago)

Japs aren't bug people. We've already nuked the bug out of them. And they'd be 99.99999% of the Asians in space.

[–] Merchant_Menace 1 point -1 points (+0|-1) ago 

I think you have reading comprehension issues rofl.

Either that or you're bad at math.

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Space is fake and gay

[–] Merchant_Menace ago 

Aight, I'll bite. What's up then?

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I laughed too hard.

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so he refers to himself as nigger and then claims its because hes afriad the whites will call him nigger. african intelligence everyone.

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Now let's be fair here, he's not afraid of being called nigger. He's afraid of White people who aren't afraid of niggers. No legal system in space, no government in space, and none of his homies in space. Fear is the social capital of niggers and he rightly recognizes that without it, he's going right to the bottom of the pile. And anyone who knows about nog culture knows how they treat those at the bottom of the pile.

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Audio source?

[–] Not_a_redfugee [S] ago 

dunno, man

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