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I reply with, you think non white races can't do it on their own? They need a great white savior? Sounds a tad racist.

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Well played nerd.

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Kill yourself faggot.

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They reply with muh colonialism and raping and pillaging

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I explain to them what white colonialism entailed. We build wells, hospitals and farms. We literally brough civilization to niggers, which niggers still use to this day. They use the benefits of white colonialism to this day.

If they want to get into rape, I have fbi racial rape stats for them. They cannot win this discussion with me.

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EXACTLY. and neither is HEALTHCARE a human right. ALL liberal lies predicated on THEFT of services (parasitic).

Parasites are SURE generous with resources THEY DO NOT OWN. Yet the NEVER stop to think, what to I bring to the party??? (NOTHING).

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They think deciding to give other peoples resources away makes them virtuous. In reality liberals know "helping" really fucks up the person they tried to help, if only they could give a little more to help.

If you give a nigger food stamps, do they want to do better for themselves or do they beg for more gibs.

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And you said the key words "other peoples resources."

You don't see Bernie Sanders letting a large family of illegal Mexicans stay in one of his houses.

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EXACTLY. You are EXACTLY correct. People are going to hell THINKING (delusions God SENDS to the damned) they are GOOD people. When it is OBVIOUS to a good person they are simply THIEVES and CON ARTISTS.

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"people of color"

Varying shades of shit

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I have taken [Movie Reference Clip] and superimposed my own message without regards to the original theme. That's what a meme is, right?

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This argument stumps them every time. I used it when I was discussing why I voted for Trump with an anchor baby I used to know. Living in the United States is not a human right.

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One thing about African culture is they don't save. They have mostly evolved with a continual access to food. They had no overhead like rent, taxes or electricity. Their envy happens when they don't benefit from long term planning and investing into the future. Maybe it would be a better idea to ship all the immigrants back to where they started and all White Countries send them a monthly welfare check there. We pay the same in taxes but don't have the crime associated with it.

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Taxes rent and electricity have existed for blips on the radar in terms of humanity. Not nearly enough time to be a selection method for how much of a gap in intelligence between niggers and real humans. Niggers are just hybrids with erectus/naledi and are stupid as fuck because of this.

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*Erectus are just hybrids with homo sapiens

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It's not a right, it's a privilege. We can call it "white privilege".

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It is if you're a communist

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