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I don’t know about this female maybe she is a slag

But guys you know before you call every woman who gets money in a divorce a slut maybe ask why the divorce

The majority of women divorce because the man has cheated on her when is that guy does that he has broken trust and she has every right to take some thing for her valuable youth is wasted on some guy who would cheat on her possibly bringing home a disease Would you break trust the relationship is finished

Some women are opportunists it’s true but the majority of the divorces are because men have cheated and men cannot deny that a large majority of the men on these dating sites have their profiles filled in under “married and looking”

A lot of guys also have left the woman or after the divorce have given all the money to his new younger girlfriend leaving the ex-wife and the child without any moneyAnd the woman completely heartbroken

and worried about her future safety.

guys if you If you think long enough that you can cheat without consequences you’re wrongthat you’re going to be divorced stop cheating because then you get what you deserve you scam a woman of her valuable youth and she will take what she needs to take care of for future cheating on a woman and leaving her destitute is scamming her therefore a woman has a right to make sure that she is taken care of.

guys think about when you have a daughter would you want your son-in-law her husband to cheat on her and then leave her destitute with possibly a disease that you brought to her from being with other women would you want her to be heartbroken an abandoned with a child with no money guys think stop cheating start thinking

It’s hard enough to find somebody when you do find someone keep that person and if it doesn’t work out and you really tried hard at it make sure that woman is taken care of so she doesn’t have to worry for the rest of her life

stop giving the blame to the woman all the time yeah there’s some girls that are not cool and some women that are horrible

There are some women that you too and there are there are even now cases of women who try to take the child away from the husband which is downright evil bitch .

And that should never be allowed because a child needs both the Mother and the father and both of those parents need to be responsible and think of the safety of the child

Otherwise it’s hard to realize what the whole story is you can’t know because it’s a personal issue with a couple

and they were even know some guys who are trying to be golddiggers to take money from women

but have been bad to men especially in this time but don’t be so quick to call women sluts and golddiggers and all kinds of derogatory things because you can’t get away with being a cheating dog

don’t accuse people until you know the whole story and you can never know what’s going on in a relationship you don’t know if the guy was abusive or if he was cheating on her or maybe he was just neglecting her totally you really don’t know

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No female on Earth deserves to get 40 billion dollars as a result of someone else's labor.

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So much untrue in your post it wasnt worth reading - you are obviously stupid

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It's true.

I can agree that the dynamics are such and it is only fair to protect women.

Men can afford to have buttsex until they are 90 years old when they can say fuck it. Become Christian Conservative and start a family.

Women don't have that option.

Women need to get brainwashed for 20 years just like any one else, then they got 15 years to

Have fun

Filter out men, and the vast majority of them just wants to fuck

Wait for their mate to be ready for a child

Additionally, nowadays they need a career, which they will pause for a minimum of 1 year maybe more, if they have one child.

So it is very unfair to mock such women.

Besides in the end of the day, what kind of 80 IQ individual does not want to take care of his own children?