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But she only got 80c for every dollar Jeff got. #genderpaygap ;)

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This slag must give hella-good “accomplice”...

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She earned all that with her “M-R-S” degree.

[–] Dogma40 ago 

Lookey here yall. MacKenzie Scott Tuttle  is no dummy. She graduated Princeton Uni Post college worked at a hedge fund. Her divorce 2019 left MacKenzie with US$35.6 billion in Amazon stock while her ex-husband retained 75% of the couple's Amazon stock.

From what I've read and understand they started the company together. she worked for the Co. From the early days. She also could have Legally gotten MUCH more under “commie-fornia” laws. However she took only about half of what she was "entitled" (under stupid laws.)

All things considered, if you build a company with your partner (wife / friend/ family) and put in real work. you should get something, and she took less then "laws" granted her.. She's not a greedy thot and shes NOT a dumb person. She also gave a significant amount of the $ in the first year to different philanthropic organizations.

If you don't like how the law rewards people for the involvement, that's a larger self defeating issue with a slippery slope that leads to no one being paid for the contributions.

But the law is written such that she gets something for her contribution to the company she helped build with the man she loved...

But to be clear....Had she not built the empire of AMAZON.com with him, she would “deserve” nothing for just existing and spreading her legs as most Gold digging thots due/should.

But that's just my 2 cents. Take it or use it to bury me with it, choice is yours.

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Have you read her new book, How to Make Millions with Only One Cunt Working for You ?

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Brilliant !

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Gives 1.6 billion to BLM. She's the mudshark queen.

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Stupid. I've never had a lot of money and I think this is so stupid.

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Ha, she is such a chump. Now she only has $38.4 billion left.

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To be fair bezos was a complete asshole to her and cheated all the time and she did help him.

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Fuck that kike Bezos and his ill-gotten wealth. He would be nowhere without La Kosher Nostra and being able to operate at a loss for a decade by the Federal Reserve spigot.

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Probably not, but it’s possible. My wife held the line for a while as I got myself together and finally broke through successfully. She literally saved my life twice, also. If we divorce and she gets half of everything I finally made of myself - she fucking earned it. But then, since she is that kind of woman, guess what:

We aren’t splitting. She’s the best and I made it worth her time.

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I don't really care that kike Bezos got half his money taken, because guess who came up with these fucking divorce laws... kikes.

It's actually hilarious to watch their golem bite them in the ass like this. I hope he gets remarried and hope his next wife takes 50% of what's left.

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Well no if a man is abusive then just like if it was somebody we don’t know and they did a salt and battery you have every right to be compensated. And more so because you actually trusted that person to feel safe with them and they betrayed you and use that to further abuse you .And cheating on her with anybody is destroying trust and abusive and actually in an illegal threat of a disease so if somebody does that to your daughter you wouldn’t like that so careful what you say

And if hes a jew then good Even betterhe should have his money taken away from him!!

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Also, she was there with him when they build Amazon. I had they way men are treated in divorce, but if you two build something together, you have to spilt it. It’s not like he’s bankrupt. Like I was.

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Except your premise is that hard work gets these people rich. Corruption does, all corporations were gifted monopoly status they didn't outcompete anyone

[–] HeavyBrain ago 

Well where are the billions for the millions of women who got the same treatment?

"Whhahaah he was mean to me I should be set for several thousand lifetimes"

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Every . Single. Time. !!!!!

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Emphasis on "single".

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i bet she doesnt even fuck korektly

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She fucked bezos just fine

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The funny thing is, she married him for his nose.

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He deserves it he’s a cheating piece of shit kike.

If he cheats yeah I woman can take his money because that threatens her health and safety and it’s wasted of her youth it’s a scammer

But even better that the women take money from the Jew that’s hilarious

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Fugly as fuck

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48 years old. Not bad for her age.

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Okay, then let's pretend she's 28 and looks like that.

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but golden vag

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Yeah All women have that but it’s her brain that Got the compensation that she deserved after he cheated on her

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Sure, let's believe the impossibly stupid story that Bezos created Amazon from scratch. He didn't. Amazon is backed by big JEW money like every other super successful business in the world. Wake the fuck up you retard.

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