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I had to take it from RSBN because the Whitehouse's Youtube channel didn't finish the stream fast enough.

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It’s a fucking fake people can’t you do basic research go onto BITCHUT the information is there it’s another hoax from the Jews like to do the holocaust we’re sick of their shit they victimhood in order to scam reparations threatening people trying to control people the Bolshevik doing the sameshit in the 30s

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Did you hear the cackle of reporters boo when he said a mask wasn't required?

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covid death numbers are total bullshit

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Some dude got struck by lighting the other day and written up as Covid.

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painter in Florida

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Yeah written up by a Jew because it’s the Jew flu it’s a hoax everyone knows it and who doesn’t better start doing the basic research everything is to be found on bitTCHUTE it’s not difficult To type this in your computer and just you know do basic research all the shit it doesn’t it’s all hypocrisy it doesn’t it contradicts itself you can’t say you need to wear a mask when you’re alone that’s fucking stupid you can’t say we can’t go into church is orange shops when all the Nager’s are squeezing through the Louis Vuitton to steal shit it’s kind is a fucking contradiction time to name the fucking pousoinus hypocrit fuckingJew

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All the "official" numbers connected with the Chi-com virus are bogus.

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magic wu flu you lacis

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Up to 4 causes of death can be covid, meanwhile 6% of deaths are covid only cause, and most of those still are assigned by epidemiologists... Meanwhile I bet every single one of South Korea’s deaths where lab or autopsy confirmed. Trump should’ve used these facts on that aussie kike last week.

Wrecked the economy over fewer than 10,000 deaths in a country of 340 million people.

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So I guess he didn’t really disappear on a submarine or AF1 like Q people told me yesterday? Oh well.

That peaceful protest crack is why the media hates him. He doesn’t roll over for them or kiss their asses. Have to respect that.

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It's possible this is an old clip from earlier in the week, though I dunno

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Key words being “I dunno”

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Trump with the body slam. 😂😂

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He's so quick!

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He clearly repeatedly referred to the order and the exemptions.

I live in nj and loved it. Ive been doin exactly that day 1, telling people at work all the right wiggles.

I go with, "oh well we make out. It's right there in the list, romantic partners." It's the most absurd and best to demonstrate that the restrictions have nothing at all to do with a virus.

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When Vince McMahon of WWE asked Donald Trump if he was comfortable taking a Stone Cold Stunner at WrestleMania he replied "If you think it'd help the show." When Austin hit that move on Trump that arena went ballistic. Also, by pretty much all accounts, he was a totally nice and warm person to everyone before he went against the grain.

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Haha good one. I just saw the clip, hes shaving McMahon head alongside a black wrestler( booker T lookalike) .... Hows that for a racist motherfucker hahaha nway fuck him for supoorting zionists and fuck jewish fake news either way.

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He's surrounded by them. Its normal jewish culture.

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Ha,ha,ha, God I love this man!!!! Greatest President in US history!!


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Well, he is at least most witty president. This is not first time that he react quickly, with right words. Respect.

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his 'I can be presidential if you like' thing was stupid but funny. it was awesome because of the fact hes like 'fuck it ima be me' and thats whats getting through to a lot of people.

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The greatest president in US history is a zionist? What the fuck?

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You're brainwashed. Trump is one of them, he pulled the wool over your eyes

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Well kensei o or whatever the fuck you go by....Pull your fucking head out of YOUR beloved msm and get some goddamn FACTS!!! You piece of shit grow a fucking brain cell! Trump is THE greatest president in United States history!!

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It's a peaceful protest. With just those four words, he said masks, antifa, BLM and Dems are all Bullshit.

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Trumps a tongue in cheeck guy. Taking jabs. When he said "i wish her well" to maxwell, it was done as a jab at her! Trump likes humor.

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He said that because if he would of said. She is a POS etc. Her lawyers could use that to show she cant have a fair trail.

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is that a real thing? it made my skin crawl when i heard him say that, but i suppose that makes sense, he has to seem aloof so that it doesnt seem like there is political interference

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It's likely she haa dirt on him and he's trying to stay on her good side. You have to be blind is you can't see he's on their side. His actions speak louder than words. What happened to Hilary I thought he was going to imprison her how is that working out?

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"Its likely she has dirt on him" stopped reading there. Sigh kill yourself retard. Youre the annoying kind

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can we just elect some middle school kid, where the only dirt on them is from the playground?

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