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Where's the theme park ride based on this gag?

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Welcome to Nog Mountain! Take a ride in a pimped out, late model Cadillac as you glide by over 100 adorable audio-animatronic crackheads, prostitutes, gang bangers and other down-home critters as they sing classic Disney ditties, including "Can You Feel Muh Dik Tonight" and "I Can't Wait To Be Kangz". Then hang on to your hats—this delightful musical cruise ends in an exciting 5-story splashdown through automatic gunfire into a giant pool of purple drank!

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Yayyyy look it’s Niggy Mouse!

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Eh it's not as fun as it sounds. The line is long and smells like weed/menthols and spoiled grease. The bassy rap music is so loud it shakes your chest. You can't trust the little storage cubby before the ride, even hats and sunglasses go missing. Plus when you actually get on the ride 50% of the fun is causes by only 13% of the track.

I just wouldn't recommend it.

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hahahahahahhahahaha. oh fuck that was funny

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I'd ride it.

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Was this before or after Disney was killed.

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Certainly before. But killed? Never heard of that, though I of course knew that his company was thoroughly jewed post mortem.

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Well maybe not killed. Put on ice as the rumors go? Who knows. They definitely had to get rid of him if they were to be successful in perverting his accomplishments.

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Back in a simpler time when you could make fun of jews and their black face "gag".

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Walt Disney. The biggest con of all children.




Disney + now has ESPN which has completely embraced BLM.

Not relative programming for any child.

A Massive dark arts practitioner, he caused his sister to go medical loony, and his brother was killed. Satanists as long as the day is short.

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I kid you not, there is a whole genre of shit on disney plus called "Black Celebration"

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What year it is?

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[–] silverufcinuse ago 


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Can you guys stop posting videos I have to download to view? I don’t trust that shit

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Life before Jewish rule. Walt was a good man so the goblins destroyed him and his legacy.

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Note the gloves. Mickey is definitely inspired by minstrel shows all along.

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