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Nice. I haven’t seen that one around here, which leads me to believe discussion is occurring in places not connected to us. That’s a good thing.

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I prefer the term "scam-demic."

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Or plandemic.

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Being based gives you wings

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Being baste gives you flavor.

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seems like a feggit if he's buying Red Bull light tho

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I don't always buy redbull, but when I do it's after they fired all their BLM supporting employees. Stay maskless my friends.

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I have been saying for about three weeks now that these masks are intended to increase the severity of the next cold season.

Ask a family member who receives CPAP therapy. They will be able to tell you that machines, including masks, require frequent cleaning. Why? Because every breath you exhale is filled with bacteria and fungus. Your oral cavity itself is a bacterial haven.

Now, the frequent use of cloth masks is one thing if they are being disinfected, and more commonly, disposed of. But what about a nation of people throwing the same one or two cloth masks in the dash of their cars. What about the warm, moist material of that mask. You take it off, touching it with your hands, throw it in the car seat, and put it back on at the next pit stop.

Your oral cavity and nasal passages are not meant to be covered with a cloth screen like this. That environment, combined with the frequent touching, and likely improper sanitation and disposal of these things is going to turn them into "bug catchers" that will just spread infections more efficiently.

These masks are going to increase the severity of the coming cold season so the elite and mass media will be able to say, "Look, Covid!"

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I bet they are seeding the testing kits with something

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faggot with earrings

well, it's not me that's for sure.

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I don't wear earrings either, but you should go tell him that.

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We used to beat faggots like that in the streets. And fire their asses from the workplace.

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None of us are sex club visiting faggots look at his ear symbolism will be their downfall

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Hope this guy never needs to get a job putting drywall.

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