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Goats, wake the fuck up to this blatant Cow Supremacy on Voat's front page.

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Well played ,goat.

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Hey FED you need to name them properl-oh, uh, I get it. Nevermind.

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Gas the Cows! Goats reign supreme!

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Archive: https://archive.md/K4Wpv (no WaPo, no Google AMP)

They're just implementing AOC's Green New Deal.

Besides, shouldn't Indian muslims be in Pakistan by now?

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There's a line where it goes from conspiracy theory to conspiracy fact. At least that's how it's supposed to work, but a lot of people don't like listening to hate facts.

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The thing is, there's nothing inherently wrong with the terms "conspiracy theory" or "conspiracy theorist."

Conspiracy: A secret agreement to do an unlawful or wrongful act, or an act which becomes unlawful as a result of the secret agreement. To act in harmony toward a common end.

Theory: An ideal or hypothetical set of facts, principles, or circumstances.

All the term "conspiracy theory" means is the belief that there's something going on behind the scenes, something most people aren't made aware of. It's become a term used to slander people and shut down any discussion on certain topics.

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Correct. A Conspiracy Theory is a set of data that collectively acts as evidence that secret meetings occur.

Just as Germ Theory, Atomic Theory, and Evolutionary Theory are data sets that each collectively act as evidence for their respective subjects.

[–] ElectionPredictor ago 

HATE facts are just facts (certain) people HATE hearing

[–] Frenlygirl ago 

“Ignorance is bliss”

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The sad fact is people though trump would be different.

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I did. Why not? He said all the right things. I really thought there was a chance Hillary was going to be in Jail. He'll be sitting with George Bush and Obama at the state funeral when George Soros dies.

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No,George Soros,QLiz& Kissinger will be at the state funeral when Obunga,King Kike & Shrub Jr.

will preside as he'll get the same body parts daddy got.

Oh& Kieth Richards.

[–] MDE_Refugee ago 

Trump was the first election I could vote in, I'm a young adult so I still had a tiny fragment of hope going into this. I currently have none left, honestly believe nothing short of a very violent revolution would really stir anything up. Even though I don't agree with the people of Portland, I gotta commend them for stirring it up at least a little bit.

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At least you realize earlier. I voted for years before I realized it doesn't fucking matter, they're all as bad as each other

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You people are sick in the head. This is just more nonsense anti-farmertism.

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Lol this is the plot of Chicken Run.

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Meme is all fucked. a) Cartoon speaks for itself without the explainer at top; b) you don't need quotation marks inside a speech bubble; c) it's missing a word.

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Agree with B and C but unfortunately A is necessary, I mean if the corona hoax has taught me anything its that people are a lot dumber than I thought

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Fucks sake, just enjoy you are overanalyzing you assaholic pedant .

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Spreading things like this only serves to reinforce the idea that the dissident right is retarded. If you don't care about the language, you are functionally a nigger.

Be a credit to your race.

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+1 this site has more refugees invading from Autism Speaks than it does Reddit ffs

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The missing word fucks up the whole meme. You can't do that.

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Its Noah from the bible.

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