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Not a bad looking layout actually. Funny reminds me of that black kid who “invented” a computer by putting one together.

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Reminds me of this survivor type show on tv with a group of women. They started a fire after 48 hours and were saying it took man 20,000 years or so to invent fire and women did it in 48 hours..... Its not inventing when you already know it exists, it is just building at that point.

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48 hours to make fire? That's pretty piss poor.

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Did the women think only men existed for those first 20,000 years?

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That genius also invented wearing a flu face covering on his fro.

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Thays the shit they intentionally embed to dumb down the following. Not sure how much dumber they can get though before they are incapable of life.

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Like Ahmed Mohamed building an alarm clock?

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Ahmed put even less effort into his bomb. He took the plastic shell off a clock and threw the innards loose into a briefcase.

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To be fair, this kid put in some work and some effort and some time. Looks pretty decent to me. I can’t shit on him for that.

But back to your comment, is Ahmed in jail yet? He had jail written all over him.

[–] blueblur ago 

Best example.

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Nice 500w power supply. LOL I bet it's dead within a few months because of the degradation of the power supply over continuous use will drop it to 490w 485w and with only 500w that "Gaming Rig" will be deader than his daddy.

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Nah, it'll be fine for a couple of years with regular cleaning. He's running a mid-tier GPU and most likely a mid-tier CPU.

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Imagine being so insecure that you have to minimize the accomplishments of a child to validate yourself

[–] kidcip16 ago 

honestly you are dumber than the nigger. congrats.

[–] TA5023523 ago 

You really don't need much more than 500w these days unless you are going for a two card build or some weird RAID shit and TBH you're better off putting your money towards RGB than SLI these days.

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Or the ten year old Nigerian Expert Code Teacher.

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Only a nigger would build a computer to play ps games.

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Why spend $300 on a PS4 when I could spend $1500 on a PC to emulate a PS4?

When your cracker asses pay the bills, who cares right?

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Plot twist, it’s stolen.

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Whats wrong with emulators?

Also if you steal all parts you don't pay shit.

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Ps4 can't even be emulated. The post is bs

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PC Master Race?

[–] Morbo 1 point 7 points (+8|-1) ago 

PC Slave Race. He is a nigglet after all.

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Lots of white parents say stupid shit like this as well

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but hopefully other white people politely smile and don't think it's worthy of a patent

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you got a point there.

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Guaranteed he’s using a remote control and has a cheap ass wireless keyboard that he doesn’t know how to type on.

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Someone call clock boy

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Someone clock that boy.

[–] Uncle_Slob ago 

Clock that boy someone.

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What the fuck is wrong with niggers .

Kid builds a pc... good for him.

To state it plays PS4 games is fucking nigger retardation

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I mean, i'm sure it plays games that are also available on PS4, and his uncle is just nigtarded.

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EMULATION allows PS3 games (over half) to run on a 2,000 dollar PC, but NO PS4!!!


PS3 perfect even 1 year ago :

RPCS3 - Breaking NieR's 30fps cap for the first time!:


But PS4? no way. Nigger is lying.

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Yeah the way it's worded sounds like it's meant to straight up emulate PS4 games. Which is just dumb, since most have a PC release anyway.

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It's a niglet. Don't anthropomorphize them. This niglet will be a full grown raping nigger in a decade.

[–] skullfuku ago 

i'm tasteless enough to kek to that.

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The box on top of the computer looks like a game capture device, similar to what Elgato makes. It's for recording a secondary device, like a PS4, by capturing the HDMI signal and passing it along to the monitor. They are plug and play boxes that make allows you to play your console games on your PC monitor while being able to record your stream.

The PC itself could be an extremely simple build, lots of cases come with built in power. So in essence he maybe have installed a motherboard, looks like a Mini-ITX board, which could be as little as 4 screws. You can buy motherboard with the RAM and Processor already installed, but we can give him the benefit of the doubt and he popped 2 RAM sticks in and pressed down the processor which probably already had conductor on it. Then clipped on the big fan to the processor, sometimes requires tightening 4 pre-installed screws. The hard drive looks to be a M.2 style, which requires one screw. Last it looked like he popped a card in. Hard to tell, but it looks like 2 plugs into the motherboard and 1 into the card. The hardest part would be attaching the power, restart, lights, etc cables from the case to the motherboard, but some motherboards come with little add on clips that you can preassemble before attaching to the motherboard. I can't imagine it took more than an hour to put together, even for a first build. The days of setting IRQ channels in the BIOS are long gone.

The more impressive part is that he figured out how to install Windows 10, but you can buy them on a flash drive these days and it's really not much more than plug and play. Windows 10 has almost all generic drivers available now, it's not often you need to go hunt down device drivers. A flash drive install to M.2 drives should take about 10-15 minutes depending on how much time you take to answer Microsoft's stupid questions.

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So the kid wrote that, too? That is impressive.

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Should I copyright the cars I built with legos as a kid?

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Go git dat shit on sum paypa white boy, before dem jews try da steal yo car designs homey

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I built a fort once with legos. Did I invent forts and not even realize it?

[–] Splooge ago 

I’ve copyrighted the mechazord blueprints I drew up when I was 6, I’m sure it’ll pay off any day now.

[–] tanukihat ago 

I thought it was "Megazord"

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Just got back from the patent office. That’s my design now niggers....bwahahahahahaha!!!!!

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He probably "built" it by customizing it on the order screen.

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What a slow nigger.

I built my first PC when I was 11, 20 years ago. When there weren't guides EVERYWHERE on how to build a PC. When you needed a network card, a sound card, a CD drive, a 3.5" floppy drive etc.

When the motherboard didn't come with a chipset for EVERYTHING so if you forgot something the MOBO wouldn't be able to just take over with a shittier onboard chipset version.

Where boot problems were RAMPANT and the error codes were complex, only flashed on the screen for a split second, and insanely hard to diagnose.

In current year building a PC is like building a cheap cereal box prize lego set.

When the graphics card used a different expansion type than everything else... sometimes, or maybe not - yay fun.

When you needed to put the OS HDD on this ATA? (I think ATA) slot rather than this one.

When ram needed to be ordered in these ram ports and not those.

e: bold text = edit 1

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Congratulations, you're smarter than a nigger.

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My proudest achievement.

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And don't forget those damn jumper pins!

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Anon plz don't trigger me.

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hell yeah boot disks and jumper pins to set your CPU specs

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Things were even more complex in the decades before your first build. My first PC build was in the 80s when the IBM clones started hitting the market. I built and XT clone (8088 processor). The motherboard didn't have any on-board peripherals except the keyboard controller. The BIOS had no setup screens. The motherboard used DIP switches to set the settings for what you had installed (floppy controller, HDD controller, serial/parallel ports). All the expansion slots were 8-bit ISA slots and you had to add everything as a card. The video card was a CGA graphics card (color) and was nearly a foot long. The HDD controller was an MFM type and used two data cables to connect to the drive. I had two 5.25" floppy drives and a 20 MB Seagate ST-225 HD. RAM was individual chips on the motherboard, 9 of them per bank for parity RAM.

Once the build was complete, you had to boot DOS from floppy to run the debug program in order to setup your HDD and format it. Your HDD was forever tied to the controller that formatted it because MFM drives could not be read by another controller due to minor frequency differences which would make the drive unreadable by another controller. I ran this system for a couple of years and upgraded the CPU to an NEC V20 processor to go from 4.77 MHz to 8 MHz. Talk about a screamer!

Later builds got better with jumper based configs and on screen BIOS settings. IRQs, DMA channels, base addresses and different slot types made certain hardware configurations challenging, but it was fun and taught you to think and plan a lot. I've built many systems over the years and saw big changes such with busses like 16-bit ISA, VESA Local Bus, PCI and AGP. Memory also changed radically with EDO, SD-RAM and RAMBUS. HDDs got simpler, but I moved to a completely SCSI setup in the 90s so I could run lots of exotic stuff from one bus (scanners, tape drives, CD-ROM, etc.). It was a fun time.

Today's builds are rather boring to me. I just built a new Ryzen 7 machine from the ground up in about an hour. Nothing went wrong and I didn't have to look up anything to do it. It just went together and was running in no time. I miss the old days of having to plan a build like this rather than simply choose parts based on price or brand and knowing they will work. It's just not exciting like it used to be.

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Remember needing to run DEBUG on an MS-DOS boot floppy and type in "g=c800:5" to bring up the firmware for the hard disk controller so you could low-level format a 20MB MFM hard disk drive? Good times!

[–] drhitler ago 

I dont mind the hardware being easier but i sure do miss games having the latest render feature as a selling point, now you just expect them to look good and aside some RTX stuff recently nothing has wowed me in years

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