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Dr fauxci recommends we hold our breath indefinitely to avoid all disease

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Dr. FuckNut really recommends that one puts an air tight plastic bag over your head. He says don't worry if you start to feel dizzy and feel like you are gonna pass out. He promises you will not suffocate. But if you do happen to die, it will be listed as a COVID-19 death.

[–] privacy_first ago 

Hey, this is the right message for the people that think that masks do NOT lower oxygen intake

put a plastic sheet in front of your mouth AND nostrils, this MUST be the "new normal"

Jew must go first, they are our guide and reference .....

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You go first little jew.

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wise elder, one day his majestic and noble face shall adorn Mount Rushmore and be it's greatest focal point.

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This is only a new idea to keep the virus hysteria going. When are you going to revolt?

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revolt? No, we want to march in colorful flamboyant parades and erect tall elegant statues in his honor.