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This is somewhat how I imagine the residents in H. P. Lovecraft's "The Shadow over Innsmouth" look.

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Ha ha, I've seen that before but it's still hilarious!

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Dark skinned and fish like. Pretty much exactly Innsmouth.

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They are indeed. I had no idea how extensive the Cichlidae family is. We used to keep aquarium Cichlids for a few years. They're beautifully colored and very active, but you can't keep them with anything else because they're very aggressive. Angelfish a species of Cichlid, is the same way: Very beautiful and elegant, but they'll attack and eat other fish in the tank. If you keep guppies and angelfish, in time you're only going to have angelfish.

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Two books that discuss these fish in some detail are King Solomon's Ring and On Aggression by Konrad Lorenz. They have fascinating territorial behavior, most notably the defense of their home territory.

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South American Cichlids are really cool and peaceful.

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So are you suggesting that African fish are by nature more aggressive?

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Raised them for 20 yrs. Been thinking about it again lately.

Faggot in Memphis at a pet shop took a shine to me and I used that to get the coolest shit for cheap! Ha!

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What is yippy?

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Search engine I usually use.

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Easy to keep too. One of the easiest cichlids to keep, and pretty undemanding as a fish in general

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Kafucking damn! I laughed

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Looks like an Oblivion character.

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This invasive species should never have been flushed into the public sewage system...like every other invasive species they upset the balance of nature and then become hard to eradicate...or kill off.

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Thanks that really gave me a good laugh.

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Chicago hasn't had a human mayor in decades

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