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It didn't misfire you're just not supposed to hold onto a rocket.

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I was going to kill them with my grenade but all it did was blow my hand off! Damn faulty weapons manufacturers

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Isn't he showing us why they are "protesting?"

Because blacks are as civil and smart as us but we hold them back lol.

[–] metricisokay ago 

Isn't this just an extension of occupy wall street

[–] HappyMealBullshit [S] ago 

Please stop with the systematic racism. Voat is not for making judgements about others.

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I think it's fair to point out that on average niggers don't know how to do any goddamn thing.

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That burn on that hand is going to be a gigantic white blister - probably disfiguring.

Learned that tiny lesson as a kid playing with small bottle rockets - certainly not the Huge one he was holding.

Young idiots with only safe indoor life experience growing up.

He probably thought the working portion was going to separate from the stick - nope, that's not how they work.

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Sounded like a she

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"And the rocket's red glare

Burning off his hand's hair,

Gave proof to the Right"

That mostly morons are there.

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Hahahahahahaha. And that's why it's said to put them into bottles.

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Well at least this confirms they are dumb. Much easier to fight a dumb enemy.

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He forgot to let go.

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A "rocket". Lol

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