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I have corona right now actually. Pretty disappointed. It amounts to a stuffy nose and loss of smell. That’s it. That’s alll it is. Wtf kinda weak shit is this. THIS IS WHAT THE WORLD SHUT DOWN OVER. WTF

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Its altering your DNA! Youll be going to gay bars when you get your smell back.


@Maroonsaint was already at the gay bars.

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when i had to get a surgery for my collarbone, i had to be tested for that flu, and ever since the pandemic ive been doing everything i can just to get the virus, i never washed hands, always touched my face, stayed as close as possible to people, and lo and behold i came out as NEGATIVE. those advices are a fucking joke.

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Yea I did nothing to avoid it. Pretty much what happened is the only person Iv been working around got it and gave it to me.

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No wonder you haven't been asking everyone for dick pics.

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Number 15 reason to get rid of cops. Don't stop your enemy from doing what you need. The number 1 reason is forced vaccines.

Provide your own security.

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Violations of Male Restroom Etiquette:

  1. There is to be no talking amongst patrons while conducting business.
  2. There must be space of at least one urinal between patrons.

Please piss responsibly.

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I'm just casually mentioning to the face diaper people that the masks are forever now.

[–] Splooge ago 

The only proper response is to go “HUH? WHA??” and turn to the right midstream.

[–] American-Patriot ago 

I would say, It is up your ass if you bother me again with that bullshit. Now GTFO of my sight.