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Check out this star trek episode where the crew of Voyager gets a great replacement.


Watch at 8:50 and listen to what Janeway says.

"JANEWAY: Chakotay, I don't care how they seem. All I care about is that I've had a knot in my stomach since the first Nyrian arrived. Something about this is wrong, I can smell it. Look at us, running around the ship, checking sensors and spinning theories, while the Nyrians slowly replace our crew. Consider this. There has been a consistent interval of nine minutes and twenty seconds between these exchanges. At that rate, our entire crew will be gone in eighteen hours. Tell me that doesn't put a knot in your stomach. You have your orders."

Here's the script: http://www.chakoteya.net/Voyager/319.htm

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"Don't call us guys! REEEEEEEE"

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Fits even better when you know the episode.

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Can't be. They're fit and have great genes.

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They look too clean for Portlanders.

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No they are not, Portland for the last two decades has been swarmed kikes as they are "fleeing" new york and california. Portland used to be the most based state in the entire USA

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Shatner would be the jewish leader.

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The extra people of Portland that nobody wants or needs for anything at all ever.