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Not even satire, this literally happened, and it is glorious


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I think its fucking hilarious and awesome that they have specialty 'hispanic' products called 'trader jose'.

Thats amazing!

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The people who constantly whine about diversity and inclusion are trying to get rid of the brand name Trader Jose.

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I like their Trader Jovaris' Fried Chicken Batter and Trader Tyrone Malt Liquor.

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Two things:

'This pretend controversy began a few weeks ago when a — deep breath — “rising high school senior and human rights activist” posted a petition at Change.org'


'The punchline, and what probably explains the company’s boldness in saying, “um, nope,” is that virtually no one actually signed the petition. It had all of 1,400 names on it when Karen wrote her post, which is peanuts compared to a standard viral Change.org complaint. As I write this today, 10 days later, it’s barely nudged past 5,000.'

Link to story at Hotair.com

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This is all getting confusing. I don't shop there but do I need to start?

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Short answer, no. It is for the Starbucks crowd.

[–] mononaut ago 

Trader Joe's is an awesome company, they are very much worth supporting, the other guy saying "it's for the starbucks crowd" makes no sense. TJs prioritizes employee satisfaction, I've met a few people that work there and it's very apparent that they treat their people well. Their products are consistently high quality, and they also let you sample anything, if you just want to try something before you buy, you can ask an employee and they will open a fresh container for you on the spot.

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They carry some high quality products not found elsewhere.

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Good for Trader Joes

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Similar to Goya Foods and Red Bull!

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Good for them.