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Saw a guy with bumper sticker that read "KILL YOUR LOCAL PEDOPHILE" I thanked him

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How antisemitic.

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And the incantation is "Deus Vult".
You know it's magic, because it's Latin.

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That just says “AmmmWAmmmyA” though

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Upon conviction the pedophile should be walked out to the courthouse lawn and hanged for the whole community to see.

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When they find bodies that are vertical in a peat bog in Germany / parts of Poland, we know that the body is that of a pedo. The punishment used to be forcing a pedo to stand in the peat as the victim and family would push down on their shoulders. This was done in front of all the adults in the community as both a warning, and as a 'cleansing'. The victim was to be considered a virgin afterwards.

Not a bad way to deal with the problem.

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eeewww you mean when I have scotch I'm drinkin' pedo juice wtf?????

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Nope. I don't trust juries anywhere close to that much. People are falsely convicted all the time, at least a falsely imprisoned man can be released and compensated.

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I agree. The evidence should be very strong. I usually say something to tjat effect.

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You could probably draw a graph showing a direct correlation between the decrease in public hangings and the increase in crime over time.

There is an absolute correlation between capitol punishment and a reduction in crime. The recidivism rate from the graveyard is 0.00%. It is an absolute lead pipe guarantee that fucker will never,ever offend again. You automatically eliminate all of the future crimes that he would have done. Criminals, especially pedos, don't just do it once and stop. The prisons are full of fuckers doing a life sentence on the installment plan. And every one of those separate charges has a victim attached to it. A victim that could have been saved by someone having the balls to do the right thing the first time.

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Freeing niggers raised crime dramatically.

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Capital punishment and torture sadly show no correlation with decreasing crime.

But it surely shows a correlation with the wish to openly parade around and normalizing perversion.

But there are plenty good reasons for capital punishment:

The asshole is gone and his well being won't cost me a dime.

And it's a strong message for the community:

Yes, we care. Yes, there are limits. Yes we live up to our values and we certainly don't fuck around.

It's time those people go back to hiding and trembling in fear instead of being glorified for their lack of impulse control.

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"Abra-ca-fuckin'-dabra motherfucker!"

Update: 1 Downvote? Found the pedo.

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To a degree they're right: Beating a pedo over the head with a bat doesn't make pedophilia disappear, it makes one pedophile disappear.

In order to prevent things from coming to that there needs to be a method of encouraging them to remove themselves from society before they become a problem. Here's a couple of ideas:

  • Neo-Dirlewanger brigade: They can voluntarily sign up to a military order, something like the foreign legion. In any war they'll be the ones leading every attack and taking most of the risks. In return they get an honourable place in society (but physically separate from any children) and they're at the head of every parade. They don't breed and their genes are not passed on.

  • Pedo colony: Find an unoccupied island somewhere. Pedos who volunteer to settle there get given free land, tools and an annual stipend of raw materials. They build whatever society they can without needing to be near any children. Adult family members can visit if they want.

The result? Hopefully pedos remove themselves before they become a problem.

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You sound like a filthy jew explaining how to get rid of Whites.

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... except I'm explaining how to get rid of pedos.

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