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"There are no mistakes riots, just happy accidents demonstrations"

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"Happy clouds"

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"....any way you want them. Then add some bright little flames. Make them as high as you want. Nice orange ones. Now lets add in some niggers. Lots and lots of little niggers...."

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Totes Read that In the really calm soft fire-side manner his ...

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can you believe the democrata at the Barr hearing? it is a fucking disgrace these people are not already hanging from ropes! the fucking traitors kept calling the shit show peacefull protest and they kept fucking not allowing ag Barr to answer questions it was fucking insane. Im surprized Barr has stayed so calm he has to be thinking so you idiots really want me to lower the standard to charge people because it will be your party getting more charges you fucking idiots

[–] boekanier ago 

it is amazing how quickly the mass media took over the soviet phraseology and how accurate they deliver it to their end consumers.

[–] Moln0014 ago  (edited ago)

Some see over turned cars on fire, looted buildings on fire, niggers see family bbq time

[–] Hadriansbattlecoin ago 

Add some schmoke

[–] rspix000 ago 

Playing the GOP game and leaving out the "largely" peaceful part of the video. That'll make people think the popo are just dandy.

[–] rememberREMEMBER55 ago 

Put those out with some nice peaceful firehoses.

[–] rememberREMEMBER55 ago 

and also blow it out with some nice, loud, happy helicopter blades.

[–] CheeBooga ago 

Daisy Cutters work good

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