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Media: "the rising antisemitism in the black community is very unsettling"

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I have 0 faith this will happen. Niggers are too stupid and Jews control the media. In fact I lose a lot of faith listening to anybody who talks about what the tv said

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While I agree with you, low nigger IQ is what's makes them so easy to manipulate. If whites took back over media and other forms of communication, we could turn niggers against jews in a week. Just like Jews turn them against us whenever it's convenient for them.

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The dumb niggers would never figure this out no matter how much you teach them, and the smart(er) ones know it's in their cynical self-interest to support what jews are doing.

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a wild dog is better than a trained attack dog

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is that so?

[–] Notimportant36 ago 

One could make a humanitarian argument that with little resources and repatriation, the increased IQ of African Americans relative to Africans, via negotiations, could actually be an infusion of intellect that could enhance Africa overall. Easier to accept because it's not white dominance but black people trying to improve their massive and resource rich continent.

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Kind of an insult to dogs this meme :(

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At least dogs are loyal. Niggers aren't

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Q predicted this.

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The pill needs to say "jews did slavery"

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Hahaha! That's right!

That seems to be happening more and more lately!

They are learning not to bite the hand that feeds them, instead bite the hand that beats them!

[–] Ducktalesooo000ooo 2 points 0 points (+2|-2) ago 

"seems to be"

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Niggers are too lazy to do anything

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Time to educate the blacks! Fuck pay them to listen if you have to.

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