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Jesus how do people get this dumb?

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they generally don't.

I don't think she believes that.

But she's been taught to run off at the mouth as much as she likes because wyppo can't say shit.

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The intent isn't neccessarily to convince but to demoralize people by their acquiescence to ridiculousness. This chimp probably doesn't understand that implication and, as you said, is just doing what she's trained to do.

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I haven't seen you since forever. Did you go into hiding? Did you make a bunch of alts and get bored of them?

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Niggers start dumber than this.

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IQ 65. Get raped by jews and some Whites ... IQ 85!

We are at 85 IQ average for niggers. And you are asking about how some negress could be this dumb?

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Number of black women raped by White men in 2019- ZERO.

When did White rapists suddenly stop raping sheboons?

Also, how humiliating, how low would a black woman feel if you tell her "not even a scum-fuck rapist wants you, Shaquandeesha. Tyrone just wants to cum in you and run off."

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Someone probably told her that the English called them potato niggers but then the english genocided them... and so now they are back!

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Africans were the snakes?

Fucking explains everything. Damn demon spawn.

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Niggers don't have any history of their own, so they have to pretend they were European, Egyptian, Middle-Eastern, even Jewish (e.g., the "Black Hebrew Israelites").

I pity them. It's hard to admit that your ancestors couldn't even invent the wheel, while our ancestors have walked on the moon.

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the moon

We have yet to prove it but the sentiment is right. Niggers haven't accomplished a damn thing.

[–] BearDolphin1488 ago  (edited ago)

I hear ya. But yeah. They brought a dunebuggy and golf clubs 70 years ago... and we never went back. Totally true.

But we could if we wanted to! ... except we lost the tech. Darn

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Oh so when st Patrick drove out snakes they were talking about niggers not celts?

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the ignorance is astounding

[–] puggy ago 

the ignorance delusion is astounding

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You're all assholes for not believing her. Of course blacks were the first to inhabit a large island.

They used to sail these baby's for nautical Miles

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Niggers never even made it north of the Sahara desert on their.

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Romans enslaved some and seeded Portugal with niggers long before 1 BC.

But no nigger ever built a boat.

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Which is hilarious, because Sub-Saharan Nigs actually have the European Haplotype R1b, and not only that, the type they have pre-dates colonial times. Which means that a bunch of Indo-Europeans/Aryans traveled past the Sahara, into Western Africa, and left such a genetic impact that we can still find evidence of it today. As an interesting side note, this region where there are high incidences of R1b, is also where the first evidence of metal working is found in Sub-Saharan Africa.

[–] Literally-Oppressed ago 

Still stuck in the copper age though

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She must have read that on the back of some ghetto woke cereal box

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Nigger legends are a real thing

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Did y'alls know Halloween was invented by the kkk? White children would wear sheets and demand blacks give them candy or they'd burn their house down. True fax yall

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