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My vagina cannot be recreated by merely being inverted into a stink ditch and it’s fucking delusional to think otherwise.

Their fucking axe wounds can NEVER compare!

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The [Everything] Rights always ruins [Everything].

As I have said previously on Voat, I frankly do not care about what homosexuals do in the privacy of their own bedroom. In my day public displays of affection was not a thing so you generally only had to see two men together. Sometimes they were gay but most times they we coworkers or, if they looked particularly clean, business partners. They pushed the boundaries of society but many of us ultimately relinquished. A Don't Ask Don't Tell policy had been unspokenly established. It was right after they were fairly welcomed that they kicked it off into overdrive with the laws and rights and parades and... the extremism.

The same was actually true of transgendered people. In one city there was an old law that made it illegal to be transsexual but that law got overturned a long time ago. After that point transsexuals had all of the common sense rights that any woman would have. There were some transsexuals who you would not believe were transsexuals and they honestly just wanted to get through the process and move on with their lives and they did. There were also very manly transsexuals. Some made little effort and you could tell that they were men but for the most part these transsexuals were treated the same as any ugly or manly woman would be treated. Medical insurance at that time would even cover hormones for transsexuals due to certain privacy laws. Pretty much every aspect of a transsexual wanting to be a transsexual was in place and established. Barriers existed, as they should for somebody wanting to try to make such a drastic change, but they were not insurmountable. As soon as they were regularly accepted into society, bam, Trans Rights and Trans Pride, and don't judge my appearance by the way I appear but by the way I imagine myself or the way I want to appear. Backwards Clown World.

Like most things the left does, all they do is annoy people with this stuff and hurt their own causes. They cause divide. They want to be unique or special. They do not want to fit into society. You can be homosexual. You can be transsexual. Just be quiet and fit into society like the rest of us. It was not always easy for these people but then it was. But what we have now is this insane, loud, obnoxious virtue signaling.

And Christ on a cracker, the Xe/Xer thing is ridiculous. I had to deal with a transsexual in a professional manner and noticed that the gender listed on the identification didn't fit what I was seeing. Out of respect, I simply asked if they prefer Ms. or Mr. To my surprise, They said that because this was a business thing and the identification had not yet been changed that we could keep everything as Mr. just to keep the paperwork simple. These days? It's XqVer and XqVim and you are a bigoted asshole because you didn't already know that. It's like, "Bitch, I would have just accepted you as a human being if you weren't such a cunt about it."

I guess this image does sum up the situation pretty well. The man's expression in the image is how society views the two types of transsexuals. The difference is not that they are two different types, the difference is a massive systemic change of these two types over time.

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this is honestly the funniest picture i've ever seen on the internet

his vauely threatening gesture and stance, the woman meekly clasping her hands together in fear, the difference in size between his massive skull and hers, his caveman-tier slouch making him look like a hunchback versus her standing up straight, the remnants of what appear to be sideburns on the side of his face versus the woman's clear cheeks, the intense expression on his face versus the bewildered expression on hers, the sheer difference in size between their torsos - his is probably double the size of hers, his masculine profile with his chin jutting out and his longer face versus her wider face. i could go on, but you get the idea

all of this contrasted with the constant assertion that these people are identical to women and there is no meaningful difference between them makes for the most exquisite form of irony when their differences are juxtaposed so vividly. the contrast is almost divine - on the left is a man's hubris, his desire to capture the beauty of nature and make it his own, his cerebral and conscious understanding of what it means to be what he thinks he is, his intentional "becoming", while on the right is a nature, effortless being, no doctors appointments or hormones or surgery, just an "is" that needs nothing added to it in order to be complete. he tries so hard and yet, the harder he tries to "become", the further he takes himself away from the effortless "is" that is the thing he wants to be. it's comedy on a cosmic scale, a joke only god himself could come up with

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Thats Richard Spencer btw, he's trans now.