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Meanwhile decent guys like my nephews have such a small pool of pure girls to date. They are in their teens, twenties, and thirties, and they tell me all of the time that there are not many quality girls out there anymore. I feel for them.

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It makes me fucking miserable. All I can guarantee is that if I absolutely fuck up this life I'll shoot up mindgeek hq and try to take out as many Jews as I can.

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Why aim so low? Pick a finance cartel, some plutocratic family which owns governments.

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Go for the caananites, Jews are parasites yes but the others are WAY worse

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Completely. Fucking. True. And, I've lived in 8 states over the past 10 years or so. Been around a number of dating scenes. It's only seemed to have grown worse. It's like three quarters of contemporary women are either shaking their ass to nig-nog musik, or are too vainly enamored by looking at themselves on their iphonez wondering which IG filter to use.

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You articulated the whole situation perfectly.

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Have they tried going to church? Also they likely have a skewed view of their sexual value due to constantly whacking it to porn

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Church girls are often reformed hoes trying to hide their past. Gotta be careful there too

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Go to church LOL! By far the biggest whores I have ever met in my life have been from "religious" families. Christians with their vapid fairy tales and fake morels make me laugh.

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Well, I don't know about the porn thing, but I have told them that if they are doing that it is really a sin against themselves and God. I mean, it desensitives you, takes away your drive to do things/makes you apathetic, etc. They attend church, but all of the decent girls seem to be marriying at younger ages and having children. If they aren't married, they are engaged. The single ones seem to be divorced with children. I try to be optimistic and tell them to keep looking and praying. In the meantime, they work jobs, go to school (the teenager), lift weights, and spend time at the range.

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Church girls be crazy tho

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I'm with you bud..it hurts.

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She'll go on to posting "survivor" memes on Facebook. Like she lived through some shit and didn't invite it in. Some poor sap has to sit through a first date where she tells the story of how she became a victim.. Single handedly ensuring that the box wine and cat toy manufacturers will survive any apocalypse. Good job Karen, you're different.

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It wasn't a black man that did it to her, it was a man. It was "toxic masculinity." Just like how it's "all of mankind" responsible for trashing the earth with pollution when we know it's really China and India. These fuckers are good at one thing: pivoting and placing blame on White people (White men especially). Like with that retarded gillette ad. They probably knew heads would roll if they showed a White man stopping a black man from going after that woman. But obviously the reverse is okay.

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Great new game:


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Not to mention her Herpes and vaginal warts.

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such an open mind

learn the hard way every time

pay the toll stupid

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One of the display cunts for the UFC just got pregnant (and decided against abortion, assumedly) and celebrated by posting porn on her instagram. She spoke about teaching her child to love without division and a bunch of other horse shit whore virtue signalling (explain to your daughter how showing an outline of your cunt in between death sport rounds is empowering). The moral to the story is don't be out fucking sluts and at the very least don't make it possible to knock one up. Marry her before you fuck her...thank me later

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I sometimes feel bad for them othertimes i just think fuck her, stupid bitch. The logical conclusion to come to is: If you own kin are going extinct isn't it a lot better or makes more sense to breed with your own?

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Dumbfuck voat users will believe everything they see. Think for yourself, question the posts.


Edit: this got 200 up-niggers and you thought it was from black on white violence. Also, fuck niggers.

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Black women laugh at white girls that do this. She is used to being treated this way and probably likes it, even if she pretends she doesn't. No feminist group will get behind her. No other white mudshark is not gonna date her man because he hit her.

She is trying to get a little sympathy online but what she is really doing is advertising for another black dick. She is wanting a 'rescue' and before that black eye is healed a few of them will be balls deep in that.

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