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lol her anger is totally justified. imagine spending an hour or more shopping for food and supplies only for some powertripping minimum wage loser telling you that you can't spend your hard earned money there. now get on your hands and knees and pick it up, you fucking wagies. know your fucking place in society.

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Her anger is justified her, her actions are not. We are not niggers and need to hold ourselves to better standards. If you have a problem with a store policy, explain why in a calm and rational way then walk out. No need to chimp out like a common nigger.

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Looked pretty calm to me. It's ok to get mad you know

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peaceful protest

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Case dismissed, your honor.

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Not if she was wearing a Nig nog's matter shirt

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The brown guards telling you what you can and can't do deserves that response.

Every multinational corporation has to be choked out.

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That was a little over the top but I can actually say I agree with her. She should have been stopped by an employee when she entered the building and told about the mask requirement. Not after she spent maybe an hour filling the cart and “contaminating” the whole store. Not to mention, she was at the check out line at that point and the manager said no to what might have been $200-$300 in groceries?? Should have just let her go. Why isn’t the CDC shutting down “protests” if Covid is so dangerous? They might be wearing masks but they aren’t 6 feet apart.

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Now how the fuck is going to make a sandwich? That bitch is useless.

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I call her: "Second Wife"

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At the end of the video, was the person filming or someone there saying “Call the police”?

Isn’t that a little ... odd? Don’t they hate the police? And why would the police even respond?

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Refusing to serve a woman because you don't like her attire which violates no law is a civil rights case.

Sue them.

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