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Best episode ever.

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Two kikes throw a nigger out of an airlock

Still a good episode.

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Shatner looks better than Henry Kissinger.

Must get all the goy babyblood he wants.

Prolly live to 120,fucking vampires.

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kill yourself you fucking pretender

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That's funny. I still don't know what bix nood means.

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The original with audio! 🐵


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God damn it. I still have no clue what the fuck that means. Pigeon bullshit retarded niggers ruin everything.

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It’s from a cartoon awhile back of a nig nog speaking gobbily gook and some of the jibberish was bix nood.

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Wish I knew how to post cartoon from my gallery onto this screen.

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Both Kirk and Spock are kikes.

[–] GlowWorm ago 

Because they both are.

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lol @ "muh dik"

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Star Trek had the smartest sounding niggers on its show. They all amazingly spoke American English instead of bix nood.

What happened? The rare times I see US TV and I'm surprised how anyone can understand niggers.

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Star Trek was all globalist propaganda start to finish.

I think aging brain dead boomer politicians that really believe globalism could ever work believe it because they watched Star Trek growing up.

The UN even came up with the omnipotent more "highly evolved" aliens that are watching over humans to see if they measure up to their standards. Of course, only White humans are called to measure up. No nigger has to meet any synthetic moral code pulled from the ass of hollywood writers.

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I thought the “can you breathe” was going to go to a knee on the neck slide. Either way, still hilarious!

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