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Apparently these retards are woke and are telling everyone that they don't want to be glorified and that black lives matter.. Wonder if they mattered when they broke into your gated community, compelling you to defend yourself with weapons. Sometimes these things are the red pills these stupid people need.

[–] goosnargh 1 point 20 points (+21|-1) ago  (edited ago)

They'd be retarded to do anything else right now. Pick your battles. They're currently national news and would probably have their house burned down tomorrow if they came out against blm.

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Fuck that, if they had an ounce of courage they would’ve said nothing.

[–] Charilko 0 points 7 points (+7|-0) ago 

If anything, that makes the memes even funnier. Who gives a shit if they’re conservatives, or even awake to the bigger problems? Most people aren’t, and you can’t count on that to carry us through this. What will mobilize people into action are direct threats to their lives and their property.

If they’re liberals, who succumbed to human nature and are now suffering profound cognitive dissonance... it’s just funnier.

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These faggots actually claimed it was the white people, not the niggers. Fuck these faggots. I hope their fucking house gets burned to the ground with them in it by the very niggers they love so much. Oh yeah, they also defend niggers against "police brutality". Fucking faggots.

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It's for legal reasons it's better to make it not looking like you were looking for a fight

[–] nowhat ago 

Yeah fuck those two for buying a house and locking their front gate and posting a 'no trespassing' sign. They are the real instigators here.

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Amazing. Love this shit.

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Aahhh... a fine jewish american

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downside to them two is that the media is painting them as the average idiotic gun owner

[–] verboten ago 

They are idiotic gun owners. I would not feel safe when my neighbors would buy guns but refuse to take some basic training.

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He does have trigger discipline.

[–] Zooope ago 

They are the average gun owner. You can't get 50% of America to pay and spend an afternoon at a class and they aren't on all these pro gun websites picking up information. They didn't ND and that's good enough for me . You think in the 1600,1700,1800s it was any different?

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kek even the url for this is good, well done lad

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Kek, that was completely random

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Grand Theft Auto British National Party

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A jewish production. Just like the riots.

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Why is everyone glorifying these two inept retards?

They are a negligent discharge waiting to happen and will blacken the eye of responsible gun owners.

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The only thing these two did wrong was not chamber rounds and let them loose.

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The only thing these two did wrong was not chamber rounds and let them loose.

100% this.

If you're wielding a firearm you're already prepared to use it, so don't hesitate. You will be overwhelmed, it's not a matter of if - but when. Take as many with you as you can, because at this point before the pendulum swings the fatalities will be statistically aligned with the defenders.

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