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fags account for 80% of syphilis cases

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I bet the remaining 20% is niggers

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and if anyone asks for a source:


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I hope the faggots enjoyed their month. It's over in twelve hours

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Well, his "month" have 365 + days..... You do not know?

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I don't acknowledge a month anyway. I remember they were so happy for a day, then they got a weekend, then they pushed for a week. Now it's a month? No, fuck you. This shit stops.

I just like that however long it was, it was completely ignored this year.

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I'm so delighted to know that June was faggot month and I was entirely unaware.

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Haha awesome

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Homosexuality is an abomination. The Bible, in both the OT and NT, states this. I remember telling a Pete Buttigeg or whatever his name is supporter that a man who doesn't even know what a rectum and anus are for obviously can't be trusted to make any decisions much less hold any office, including dog catcher. If you don't know basic functions of your body, I don't trust anything you say because you are deluded and not to be trusted. Most homosexuals were molested as children and this is how the cycle continues. On a final note, The Bible also says that pride is an awful sin, and here we have homo pride parades, etc. Disgusting.

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That one has indigo. Fag flag only has 6 colors.

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Jew entertainment is jewish.

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