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Niggers and jews aren't lions. They are like if you're out working or jogging and there is dog shit everywhere, and after a while, you just can't stop to clean the dogshit off your shoes, you have to keep working.

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I'd label them as hyenas since they are just as sleazy, hunchback, and annoying as kikes in real life. Better video in relation to OP's title. Look at those smirks, the noises, and the beady eyes, with the "i'm a liar" ear-combo to go. I swear I could see Greenspan and Acosta on some of those hyenas' faces.

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they are hyenas, the white is the lion. They put in the effort for the kill, the hyenas have to come afterwards and scavenge.

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Hyenas have a heirarchy and family. These niggerfaggotkikes are dogshit

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agreed. now if we had a lion with a tapeworm infestation, that would be an appropriate metaphor.

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No, that's me trying to get coffee before feeding my cat in the morning

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Sorry but, White liberals give jews and blacks the support they need to kick normal Whites.

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Because giving women political agency was a fucking mistake and it was led by jews.

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something like this?

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Aww look, he’s trying to transport them.

What a dummy.

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The giraffe gets away in the end, right?

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I thought that the giraffe was a goner for certain.

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So if us whites just hold still the niggers and jews will leave us alone eventually... right?

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there's a music video that depicts this with a jew on the back instead

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How the fuck did that one lion get up there?

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Took da elevator.

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They have quite a leap. A giraffe's shoulder height is roughly 10 feet, so lionesses are able to easily clear that.

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Fuck the universe. Going to off myself now.

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Never pull a Cobain when you can pull a Tarrant