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Tells ancient box, gidsmedat!

(Bass twerk sound)

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Tomb raider went to shit when the prospect of sam and lura having a romantic relationship was halted when the writer said she wasn't going to allow it. Women, not even once. They truly have no idea what sells or what men want.

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I loved the first three or four TR's because of the puzzles. Now its just another shooter.

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lol, good one!

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Needs more muh dik.

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When liberals remake shit because of BLM

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This was made 5 years ago... Fresh, new meme. Boo hoo?

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Inb4 Tomb Looter 2: Get Whitey

[–] BadBoyBubby ago 

Monkey Looter Kang

[–] videocodec ago 

You laugh now, I'm guessing it will be real soon enough. Laura as a black tranny.

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Oh I expect it after BFV and TLOU2. Jews are trying to shit on video games because they hate whites.