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I'm actually pretty happy right now

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Whites are facing what blacks faced until now. News only shows negative interactions and blames the white person(s). This whole agenda isn't to get whites in a rage it's to make their flock think you're all enraged so they can blame attacks on more whites. This is textbook how they portrayed middle eastern groups that opposed capitalism until enough attacks were blamed on them that war could be declared. You're not their audience, they're selling war to their audience, war against you.

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The only difference is preparation, ability, and genetics. White factions have faced this before, it’s in our blood. Part of the ignoring or rewriting of history is who makes up “whites”, to put us all into a specific box. You’re talking about Goths, Celts, Latins, Romans, Trojans, Greeks, etc. Fighting and conquering is in our blood. We also love peace however, until it’s no longer an option.

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Nah, black are racist long time ago. I live in Europe and all people which live or spend long time in US. say same. Black are much more racist than whites.. or latino. Consider that I'm old fart, some of this are from mid "70. Be real in 'murica all hate other. Even black make difference "how much black is your skin".

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Exactly. Who is going to stop it? I don't see anyone stopping it. I only see it escalating. Many whites don't have the tools to deal with this. The way we act on here is the way a lot of us act in RL. We won't work together, make new friends or help each other. More than anything we will tear each other apart and the govt will be there to help us do just that. Blacks had families and racial cohension. Most whites do not have that. Look at the posts here already. They think are prepared because they have a gun or don't live in the city. What happens when they burn down your home? Do you have people to stay with? They think their 'muh genetics' will protect them and the only type of person that would make a statement like that is the deluded and the desperate.

Whites where I live are blind. They don't see what is happening, how they are being scouted. Half think they still live in the 50s and the other half wants to eradicate their own race.

If anything, whites around here have been bigger assholes to each other lately. Blacks...well they have been paying attention to whom drives what car, who is home when...who had a dog...who probably has guns. I have literally seen them out scouting.

And their ranks are swelling, massively swelling since the Floyd killing. That got the most apolitical people on FB, Instagrahm, Twitter and they're using all of them(especially Twitter) to strategize, organize and teach esch other how to inflict massive damage to topple this country. Anyone doubting leftists have experienced and trained arsonists should look into the CA wildfires.

They're being armed too, by the thousands. It isn't just that. They're scouting neighborhoods, seeing which houses are close to a forest or trees..which would burn the best. They're being taught how to block exits in apartment buildings and suburbs. They're learning which businesses are white owned and they're scouting out which ones to break into and what to grab first.

And the hired protesters...many of them homeless, that call list is growing and it will be used to communicate, to let all of the local homeless know which neighborhoods and stores are being looted. All they have to do is start it and the rest will follow.

People here and unaware. If these white suburbs had ANY idea of all that I have seen/heard going in they'd be training all day, making exit strategies with vehicles and on foot.

I hope the government does stop them but I don't see it. I don't think Trump has a plan but I hope he does. I don't know that the military will listen to him but I hope it will. It's too many people...

Full of genocidal hate and neither the Democrats or the media show any signs they are gonna pump the hate breaks. Democrat mayors and governors have been standing down across the country.

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I know they are, fortunately they are underestimating us and the backlash is growing even if we're growing impatient too

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I'm having a wonderful time. The news is a source of constant laughter for me. I see through the veil now and the truth has set me free. I now just laugh at it all.

I have never made but one prayer to God, a very short one: 'O Lord make my enemies ridiculous.' And God granted it.


Eg. I had a really good laugh today at how Soymalia (CHAZ). I love all the beautiful irony.

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It is pretty laughable. My favorite is laughing in the face of people talking about it to show them their ridiculousness

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You do you man

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shut up wannabe joker fag, you wont think the chaos is great when they are beating in your the door of your parents house, dont think they wont check the basement where you undoubtedly reside

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Yeah me too actually.

Even though the holocough is super fake, my job told me to stay home for nearly two months so I got to spend time with my family, do hobbies and projects, all while still having a job and getting paid to not go in (or really do anything for that matter).

All the while these kikes are overplaying their hands. People who I know were super bluepilled are starting to come to me with questions because they've starting to question things that I've been talking about for years.

And then the riots happened, which is starting to wake more people up.

I'm still not certain we're at the point where whites are ready to take anything back, but I can see the machine starting to whir up, and I'm thankful for that.

What a time to be alive.

[–] Eualos ago 

Me too we shall see

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I'm not demoralized I'm fucking pissed. They're swinging at a hornets nest.

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Europeans are born conquerors

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We was kongkrirs and sheit.

Seriously though, current European sentiment is lie down and die. They only get riled up when one of their own defends themselves.

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Honestly, I’m demoralized.

Don’t get me wrong; I think I see what you guys are seeing. The left is showing what they’re all about right now. The evil is on full display, and I expect that TONS of people are waking up to what’s been happening for decades.

The problem though, is that the narrative seems to be well under control still. I’ve had this same basic interaction 3 different times now. It goes like this:

I see what I’ve been predicting for years finally coming to fruition. The outrage mob is taking over, the mask of virtue has been all but abandoned, and the evil, aimless, destructiveness of the left is on full display. So I reach out to some of my more thoughtful normie, center-left friends to hear what they’re thinking. They’re not thinking. The lines aren’t shifting in our favor at all. Regular people are still bleating about racism and police brutality. Trump is fucking nowhere nowhere to be found, and he’s losing control rapidly.

The left is winning. The best thing that could possibly happen is for them to get too hasty and go too far, but they won’t. They’ll pull back soon, solidify their new gains, and cement the new normal. The internet purges are effective, but they take time. For a few days, normies will wring their hands and mouth platitudes about free speech, but they’ll forget in a week or two, and this most recent crop of dissenters will disappear down the memory hole. The acceptable narrative will slide farther to the left, dissent will be met with stiffer punishments. The cancel culture will continue to grow and spread until nobody who cares about their future will dare object out loud. Examples will be made continually, and the left will just keep repeating that “private companies” like Google, Twitter, Reddit, et al aren’t obligated to support free expression.

They’ll strangle the life out of us all, slowly but surely. They’ve been doing it for decades. This is why the Fabian Socialists used a wolf in sheep’s clothing as their original coat of arms. The plan was to sneak it in the back door, little by little until it was too late to stop it. Personally, I think we may have missed the boat. If we’re lucky, we’ll get to watch the death of our civilization from outside of a prison cell.

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this image really does just speak volumes about them.

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It does. It drives me insane when people act like I’m a crazy person for warning them that there’s a conspiracy to sneak socialism in through the back door. It’s not even a real secret! It’s just an evil strategy to exploit Western ennui. People can find that shit with a simple Google search. Instead they just mock the assertion, regurgitate some half-baked talking points they heard on Snapchat, and go back to getting shitfaced and complaining about how unfair “the system” is.

The West has been destroyed by its own complacency and boredom. Not only have we failed to appreciate the gifts our ancestors have left for us, we’ve allowed the worst elements of our societies to shit all over them, and now we’ve reached the point where their ultimate destruction seems imminent and unavoidable.

I don’t know where we go from here. The left ALWAYS eats itself sooner or later. I expect that they’ve learned some lessons after the 20th century, and I don’t think turning this ship around is likely to be a simple matter. The one-world government is coming. I guess I should be somewhat happy that I already speak Mandarin

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Yeah I reach out to my normie friends as well. and when I say normie, they aren't even college brainwashed and actually served in the military. "BLM is peaceful" and I showed crime statistics from 2016 "but those are from 2016 lol" Like suddenly in the past 4 years thousands of black people just stopped commiting crimes and there is a 1000% increase in cops shooting black people. Like one year 13% commit 50% of the crimes and then for no reason at all it's 20%, like the sample size isn't millions across america. It's a fundamental misunderstanding how things work in the world. Like there were 10,000 car crashes in 2018 but that number varies by 200% year by year and the next year there is 4,000 car crashes

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Exactly. I was also in the military from age 17-23. I lived with two buddies for a couple years back then. We used to drink beers and talk politics/philosophy every damn night. We were all “enlightened” Reddit, socialist, Berniebro types, though this was before Bernie was all that prominent.

After a couple years, we went our separate ways, but we’ve sort of kept in touch. It’s been 5-6 years since I’ve actually seen them in person, but every year or so, we’d chat for a few mins.

Obviously my views have evolved significantly since then. I started reading heavily in 2016, and that’s paid dividends. But every few months, I’ll poke my head back in to try to see if my buddies have started to wake up. Doesn’t seem like it’s ever going to happen anymore.

The last interaction with the smarter of the two was just a few days ago. I thought this SURELY must be stirring something. So I asked, “Has all this rioting, the hypocrisy of the left, or their imperviousness to facts and reason affected your politics at all?” His response was that it has made him even more critical of the right. He said that right wingers like me are the real hypocrites because I support “extrajudicial killings” of black people. He said the riots are “necessary, appropriate, and overdue.”

Now for most people, this guy is clearly just a fucking idiot, but I know him REALLY well, and the fact is that he’s very intelligent. He’s 33, has a degree in Econ, he was home-schooled, he’s got two good parents, and we served together overseas. And STILL he’s this fucking deluded. I don’t have the words to describe how disappointing this is to me. To me, it feels like definitive proof that this is a lost cause. I pray that I’m wrong though.

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They won long before we were born, and they fetishize victimization. All those "normies" do because it benefits them in their bully culture. Going along with it is a moral failing which they are happy to flaunt, just like their child-molesting library faggots. Politics is a red herring in comparison.

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You're right but it's so much worse. I don't see it 'happening slowly' at all and these things never happen slowly. It's like a an avalanche. It's been there building forever then it moves a little and seems like nothing..then it crushes you.

These are Marxists. What you said about Trump is right but the Democrats will not stop them either. The cops won't. Our own intelligence community is behind it. Who does that leave? Riots don't stop themselves. The rioters keep rioting over and over until force makes them quit.

[–] AlxCapwn 1 point 1 point (+2|-1) ago 

I agree with most of this, but the fact that it’s been happening for decades is what I’m referring to when I say it’s happened slowly.

Even still, I think the death of a civilization like ours cannot actually happen in a matter of weeks or months. We’ve been terminally ill for years. This orchestrated attack over the past 6 months represents the biggest tectonic shift in living memory. The only quick and clean resolution I can imagine looks something like complete capitulation on the part of traditional America. If we resist, all bets are off. I can see that going any number of ways. But I really think the most likely outcome is the gradual takeover of US sovereignty by China under the guise of an international one-world government. And it has to be quite gradual, because we’re still armed to the teeth. This is the biggest wild card left on the table.

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im very depressed but its about a girl not so much this covid1984 shit. but the combined effect is that my depression diet and woro out program have me trimmer and in better shape then ive been in a long time ive just started but if i keep it up im going to be a toned ripped up prepper fighting machine. got a laser bullet system to practice shooting in my house as well

[–] veteran88 2 points 14 points (+16|-2) ago 

Find a more traditional girl with bigger tits and you will feel better.

And laser bullet system?

Can you recommend one?

That sounds like fun

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Where are these traditional big tit girls?

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MantisX or cool fire trainer

[–] Doglegwarrior 3 points 0 points (+3|-3) ago 

prefer an athletic girl with a good ass but i like your thinking. im 45 dude trying to have white kids it is not going to be easy, luckly im decently well off still in good shape so i have a chance.

iTarget is the one i got. I have not tested it out i will be shortly and will post my review and thoughts on it. everything ive seen online inckuding videos makes it look very good for practice at decently close range i think its more for practice in pulling your gun out and getting off effectice center mass shots from not to far away. my main thing i need practice pulling and aiming and staying on traget. the nice thing its with your own gun so you get used to the weight feel and trigger of your gun.

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There's something about being depressed that helps lose weight. Maybe a "sad chemical" burns fat or something. And, fuck that bitch.

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Of course you're going to lose weight when the motivation to eat food goes away.

[–] Belrick ago 

Hire whores. Modern women are toxic and distracting and far more expensive

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im not a jew. its not about busting a nut its about having white kids

[–] dundundunnnnn ago 

dog le warrior...upset about a female? What timeline is this?

[–] Doglegwarrior 1 point 2 points (+3|-1) ago 

the same one we always been on. hey never forget

circumcision is an evil jewish religious ceremony with absolutely zero medical benefits

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Demoralized? No. A bit stressed? Yes because I am tired of the provocation. It is encouraging though to see their shit collapsing and red pilling people.

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I don't know man. I feel demoralized a bit. White people are being fired for folowing procedure. I saw a chick get fired from a hotel for asking some goombas if they were guests.

I see those white folks with the guns get trashed for defending their property (and faggots on here perpetuation the racist "karen" meme)

I see whites everywhere get chastised and criticized for even looking at a black person.

It's not cool and we need to stand up to it before it's too late.

You're not demoralized YET. don't let it get to that point.

Part of me thinks this post is fucking subversive JEW shit. Brainwashing US, the victimized, to feel "we are fine."


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yeah, we're arguably (almost certainly, really) losing an ongoing psychological war that has been waged upon us without many of our kin even aware it is going on.

i'm done laughing at soy filled victims of kike brainwashing.

it stopped being funny awhile ago.

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I have become indifferent to the world around me. Everyone wants to be a victim to gain attention to some issue they think is important, and it's just stupid. Seems that the world has become a massive self pity bubble for whatever sadness there is.

Wife left them, kids don't talk to them, don't have money to pay the rent, and so on......find a solution is all you need do.

Everyone is sealing themselves off from others just as the system wants......because they want to always complain.

Rarely do you see anyone happy in public anymore. Everyone I see just about is just pissed off looking.....well body language because they have the masks on to futher the agenda.

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I'm loving the fact that the left is literally destroying itself lately. Americans can be stupid, but we're not all blind.

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