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Reminder u/Conspirologist is a censoring, ban happy liberal pussy who cant hear conflicting points of view over at his sub v/Conspiracy.

Who creates a sub for conspiracies and then bans people for talking about conspiracies?

Only a complete liberal pussy or redditor.

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You can believe that towers were brought down by explosives while also thinking they were hit by planes. That would make you look not completely insane like denying the existence of the planes altogether does.

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This is retarded and OP should get back to peddling snake oil on the dark web. You honestly think a radical Muslim terrorist cooperated with the US government to conspire to create a pretext for the invasion of Iraq? You think that's more likely than him just actually flying planes into buildings because he wanted to kill a bunch of Americans because our existence was offensive to his shit religion?

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I think you are correct however I believe our government had prior knowledge and used every bit to their advantage.

Tower 7, the base explosions, Iraq invasion, patriot act ...


EDIT: I also believe it was jews that funded/perpetrated 911.

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Of course our government had prior knowledge - THE FUCKING FBI ADMITTED THEY KNEW IN MARCH 2001.

It was not plnes that hit the twin towers, ng it was fucking missilea - go watch septembet clues full version.

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Just watch these two things, and if you still believe Muslims did it, then I don't know what to tell you.

9/11 A Conspiracy Theory

9/11 War Games

Muslims are just literally sand niggers, they could not pull anything like this off

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Where is tower 7

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9/11 was fake as shit.

Go watch september clues - the full version.

[–] ASW1984 ago 

Best doc on the subject - https://invidio.us/watch?v=y5UyynjxAyw - InCONtrovertible

Ask every sheeple you meet...

What happened in 2001?

Never Forget?

Then ask them about WTC7...

If that doesn't wake them up nothing will.

Never Forget

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2 planes, 3 towers.

[–] realmonster ago 

you forgot "feel old yet"

[–] peroxid ago 

And the ones who doesn't believed the world was going to end in 2012.

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Makes the spectre of collateral damage during a future domestic war a whole lot easier to swallow

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