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Liberals: all races are equal; any suggestion that IQ varies among races is white supremacy

Also liberals: black people have bigger dicks, better rhythm, and they outnumber whites in professional sports leagues because they’re faster and stronger.

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Some are more equal than others. Obviously nigs denser muscles, larger penises, and higher loads of hormones, didn't effect their brain evolution at all. Another modern miracle for the new religion.

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the bigger dick is a myth kikes in the porn industry and niggers actually have a higher amount of estrogen which causes them to be over emotional

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Reminds me of a recent Joe Rogan podcast. He went even further. It was only the color of the skin that differed, nothing else.

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Guy is bought and paid for. A paid actor, if you will.

What did you expect?

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It's called "Paid opposition".

He's paid to be 'right wing', but only to some extent.

Can't be revealing the truth after all!

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30 years of research disagree: https://www1.udel.edu/educ/gottfredson/30years/Rushton-Jensen30years.pdf

Wanted: More Race Realism

I've downloaded these, but archiving will do well for when they get scrubbed.

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Joe said this? Or a guest? The dude always struck me as a complete idiot who says words like "fascinating" when he's interviewing someone but usually can't keep up with an actual intelligent persons conversation. His mannerisms and wording has some people convinced but not me. At least he does have some based people on and is public about Biden being senile as fuck.

[–] qtm ago 

Joe said it. I turned it off when I heard it, so no idea what happened next.

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Drag queen story hour scene there.

[–] J_Darnley ago 

Purely socioeconomic reasons, you bigot!

[–] Bill_Nyc ago 

this is the social worker program they are pushing.

[–] RockmanRaiden ago 

I see some Joe "those looting white boys" Rogan fans.

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Seeing maroon and the poet weirdos responding to each other. I don't kown, it's got a wholesome feel to it.

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DAs a young child even as a teenager I never knew I could hate so much. Now I’m older (20s) and I still...I hate people. Not just niggers. I side with my side becauze we are better. That’s only a becauze kinda thing. The other day I lost my temper going to eat McDonald’s. It’s 230 am. Packed line out the parking lot. All i could Do was scream at the windshield. WTF CORONA YOU PROMISED DEATH. WHERE IS IT???!? WHERE THE FUCK IS IT? People wanna be selfish. As long as I don’t die. THEM BUT NOT ME. FUCK THAT. ILL GO TO HELL WITH YOU. I never thought I could be so genuinely hateful but the thought of dead nigger especially fills my heart with love as if the lord came down and touched me. It doesn’t matter. This is pointless. The universe will become dark and dead. The only true joy I feel is the pain of others now. I didn’t choose that, idk how that happened but I can say with upmost sincerity that I want to see you all die.

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You go first then?

[–] Maroonsaint ago 

Lemme see your cock. I bet you got a nice one huh. Pm mel

[–] Maroonsaint ago 

What with dick pics? Cause I’ll send it

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