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New Goat getting to the bottom of the unlikely oven conspiracy.

"See? No jews."

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"yup, glass doors, and gaps everywhere, standard Nazi gas chamber"

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"get in faggot, we'er gonna make Auschwitz great again"

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He was excited the oven door wasn’t made of wood.

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he was checking for air leaks around the oven gasket

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That's a big oven!!! I wonder how long it would take an Austrian pastry chef to bake 6 million 1" cookies in that oven?

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If Cookie Moster ate 1000 cookies a day how long would it take until Cookie Monster eats 6 Million cookies?

16.438 years at 1000 cookies a day. But how many jews were getting cremated every day? None of what the tribe says and wants me to believe is all poppycock!

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Omg..That is awesome.

That oven killed the extra 2.5 million at auchewitz, I swear

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He was excited, thinking it was time to gas the jews.

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Pappy, the gas line is all good. Bring in the jews!

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It was real...

...in my mind

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