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Europes' niggers, before they imported niggers. Hungary has so many 'Romani,' they say fuck off, we're full to other ne'er do well peoples

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The so-called 'Roma' people have been misrepresenting their origins for centuries.

Places Gypos claim to be from:


Basque/P Celtic


North Africa


What genetics says:

They are 'dravidian' (denisovan) from Tamil india. Not a drop of EMH/Cro-Magnon blood in them originally. However, centuries of interspeciation with European modern humans, and boom! Lighter hair, eyes and complexion!

Familiar story to Europeans.

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The Dravidians were not denisovans. Dravidians inhabited India prior to the arrival of the Aryans. Nor are Roma (Gypsies) from southern India where the Tamil people (who are Dravidians) dominate.

Cultural, linguistic, and genetic evidence points to their origin as descended from a small group of Indo-Aryans from northwest India which left to migrate toward Europe around 500 A.D.

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Something like that. In fact they locate gypsy origin in one area of India. Not only genetic... language, folklore, etc. are same. But who care... they are European niggers, same mindset. Of course there are good people, but always watch your back when deal with gypsy.

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Gypsies, tramps and thieves. "Every night all the men would come around, and lay their money down." - That's not all they would lay in this Cher song. The gypsy girls would get knocked up by white european men.

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The US could use some mass information campaigns like this. Always good to be informed.

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clearly, the entirety of the indigenous clade, comprised of a nativity and culture stretching back to at least the holocene, is racist against theft and parisitism. Clearly, the Gypsy absolute insistence that their degenracy is part of an enalianable cultural identity, and refusal to adopt any of the myriad panoply of cultures in their host nations is all a multicultural jackpot for all involved.

Clearly, it should be assumed in a modern society, with common law and property rights stretching back to the stone age, the host culture should not only tolerate, but actively fund and celebrate the actions of self-proclaimed rejectors of that complex and demonstrably superior ethos within an already diverse, open community.

Clearly, no group of ethical, sapient, thinking, free people would simultaneously TRASH the very foundation of a successful host culture, while clinging to their own backward, knuckle-dragging traditions of being a scavenger parasite remain enshrined and anathema from the marketplace of ideas, built and shared by free people who respect property rights.

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You have to ease into the thesaurus you are trying too hard

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good catch. You are right. I am fucking pissed, and there are plenty of goats who say it better than I.

The influx of exile bs has my hackles up. Please - add eloquence where I lack it.

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9%!! That is huge, Hungary can't be safe with that number of thieves etc.

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At least blacks are immediately identifiable. The gypsies don't all look exactly like gypsies.

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What?! and this then? https://files.catbox.moe/8hpyww.jpg

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Those look like Indians. Any country with Indians in it wouldn't know the difference. Gypsies that have been picking pockets, stealing and whoring through western europe can look like white people with black hair and black eyes.

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Unfortunately here in Portugal they play the same role... Despising all efforts for social integration. They only care for benefits.

The gipsies who truly embraced the surrounding society where expelled in a kind way...

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Onii-chan = brother

Oni-chan = ogre/demon

Come over to /v/TheAnimeReich if you want to know more.

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do they tolerate them because they USE them for prostitutes and other minor criminal deeds (revenge) and shit? We don't HAVE that option with ape face niggers you see.

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