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Hottest women were 60s and 70s. Thin, waist long hair. Classy. Whew.

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No. Feminism and "free love" had already gripped their hapless minds by that point.

Unless you mean just aesthetically, in which case each generaton up to about 1980 had its own pros and cons. After that it was whores all the way down, with a few noteworthy exceptions.

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I totally mean aesthetically.

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Free love goes back to the French Revolution...blew my mind crazy how people keep trying to destroy the culture again and again.

It only took after the pill and easy abortions free;d them from the consequences of whorish behavior

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Damn right.

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Back before they were gay.

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Now that would be really intresting to see, how many did get raped by their scout leaders and how many of those turned to fags molseting scouts too.

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Well golly, Beav!

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She's a whore

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Damn she knows what she's doing haha. I bet they missed a spot on those shoes.

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I bet they made a spot on those shoes

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degenerate tho.

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Call me old fashioned a Refreshing change, to see a woman dressed nicely and without a body covered in tattoos.

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That's old fashioned.........and just how it should be

[–] wonderfuldonut ago 

Its the same with manners, good behavior, honor and sense of duty, sad to see most people no longer have enough self respect to observe such things

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