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he looks a little beady eyed to me. Corrupt as hell. What is up with his adopted children and why is his generic name on epstein's flight logs. why did he take obama behind the scenes to be sworn is as president. why can't the USM get rid of him.

[–] Bigwhistle ago 

Roberts is scum

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Precedent is important in any society that values its laws- think of it as a way of informing the public ‘This is what this law means in this given situation’. The public will accept this precedent or call for new laws. Unfortunately for you, this leaves little space or notice for racists who demand things.

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Precedent in the USSA is a bullshit way to protect bad decisions. It is a corruption of how common law worked.

[–] Escape_From_Reddit ago 

Stare decisis is a common law doctrine.