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Am I the only one laughing at the gated community assaults? Most of the people living there are liberal/kike/neo-con trash who pushed this country into the situation we see today. Frankly they should have to roll in the mud before this is over.

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Most of them, yes, but not all. I think you need to be careful casting such a wide net. Some real patriots are among them as well. They might live in the suburbs for work and if they can afford it why wouldn't they live in such a community?

But as for the ones whose politics got us here, I agree, fuck 'em. The sad part is the lightbulb still won't go off for them. They still won't connect the dots that their failed policies are what got us here.

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Agreed. But seeing as I can't differentiate from my armchair, I'll assume they're all liberal/kike/neo-con trash. Even if the real number are closer to 95%.

[–] Phantom42 ago 

If the lightbulb won't turn on for them, then it's time to crush it beneath us.

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Here's the thing

It depends on where you live

Where I live in Florida any upper-middle-class Community is a gated community

PS HOAs suck

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We need to see more of this stuff, and a lot more, if we are going to ignite the spark to save this country. Complacent people in the suburbs who are content to virtue signal about equality because none of this affects them need to be woken up to how savage these animals can be.

[–] yt4cz9 ago 

That is NOT a typical suburb. A whole fuckton of people in suburbs know. That's the usual reason they move to the suburbs.

[–] DeadFox ago 

Look at this like here.

Every other white is an enemy even if they live one district over, because the media told me that they voted left in the totally legitimate elections the government held, so they deserve to die

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I think not

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Gonna be a no from me dawg

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The faces of some of the rioters when they came out with the guns was priceless. Pretty much just "fuck this shit, I'm out"

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how is it that this one group was mostly all black when most of what we see is white leftie woman?

a group of blacks raised through violence and gun shots scared of a couple democrat dipshits that cant show proper gun handling? they were acting "scared" like a bunch of sheltered white college kids.

the way she was handling that pistol if anyone stormed her she would have fired wildly into the air screaming.

while the guy kept holding that rifle by the barrel and using his other hand to point and yell at the crowd. worst he would have done is shoot himself in the foot while screaming out his wife's name, as she gets gang banged by a bunch of apes.

Not to mention that their clients are typically black as they're lawyers, or he is and she does all the paperwork. For all we know that entire group was made up of their clientele and they called them in to stage this entire scenario.

they want the rioters in the neighborhoods.

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Thankfully the guns are labeled.

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Pretty sure you will NEVER see these turds execute an assault in ANY way other than a disorganized gang/mob bum rush. Not even rising to the Jap (also stupid/suicidal) Bonzi level.

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