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While I'm glad these people were able to protect themselves and their amazing historic home let's not make folk heroes out of these BLM supporting lawyer fucks. They re the same type of people who look down on "prole" Whites and support gentrification so that Whites of lesser means have to deal with their precious diversity.

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I respect that he was defending his property but fuck dude, aim the gun at the goons not your wife. With all that money, you think they could have afforded a firearms class.

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If he shoots left handed he should have gotten a left handed gun. I don't believe he's ever fired the weapon though.

[–] acoustic_Khazar ago 

Building a lefty AR is pricey, plus it's good to be used to the standard configuration.

[–] midnightblue1335 ago 

There's a lot of ambi weapons out there.

I think that's an important feature- what if your dominant hand becomes disabled, and you need to use your left? Well, this weapon can't be used in left hand, now you're dead! At least if it was ambi, you'd have some chance to continue the fight.

All that said, I don't think I've seen a nice rifle with full ambi that was less than $1,100 or so.

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to be honest, GTA is pretty accurate about the nigger getting arrested and the police just let him go afterwards every single time

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I don't recall Tommy Vercetti looking so fat and jewish.

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Shouldn't this be in fat people hate?