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I thought the end time fake miracles would be more amazing than just pure bullshit.

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Moses found a sand bar

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this isn't the end time.

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Baby, believe me. I'm just getting started.

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Why are all those byzantine buildings empty in turkey?

[–] Drstrangebeard ago 

This is AN Apocalypse.

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They actually found out that COVID-19 is spread by racism like Trump rallies for example.,

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Because they don't get tested, and because only Trump crowds get Covid19 just days after the rally.

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Day after. The day after.

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That same hour.

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Honestly I think it's more due to people evacuating the shitholes where the demonstrations take place.

And pretty soon White Flight will leave those remaining with nothing but ash, rubble and with no source of revenue to rebuild.

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Cue = Q?

19 age Michael J Fox was in back to the future 1.

Biff character was based on Trump.

Is Michael J Fox the Q?

19 backwards =91

Covid backwards = Divoc, the latin word for negro genitalia

George Floyd was black, was in a porno

Killed by a cop...Cop backwards is pocs

Car 54 = Cop or Poc 90 + 1(George Floyd)

=91 which reversed is 19 ....

Both C and O in Covid but not P

P the ancient Mayan calendar month of Pantaro

Pantaro = November

On the 19th day of November covid 19 will be cured by George Floyd's daughter and Q will be revealed as Michael J Fox and he will unseat Trump as president after he smokes the penis ashes of George Floyd then he will go back in time and save Rayshad Brooks and George Floyd


Trust the plan


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Q was taken over by DS.

Just like anonymous and occupy.

Enjoy the plan

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Nintendo DS? What the fuck did those japs do with John Titor and Latoya Jackson? Goddamnit. Just like Karate Kid III except the earth is really flat and Miyagi is some ridiculous piece of shit someone came up with to get boomers to vote for Trump.

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Young poet, please go write something useful, like a sonnet, or at the least a dirty limmerick. Apply yourself to a rhyming scheme, as you seem to have time, and pick something less topical that we can pass down, or you will be left out of the history of literature books of the future.

[–] Soyboy69 ago  (edited ago)

W1GG1TW1GG1TYWAGAMUHN1GGA(ps demonrats(craps) are the real racists)

[–] Drstrangebeard ago 

Certificate of vaccination ID 2019 / COVID19

[–] FightingTheDarkArts ago 

Proof! 100%

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when will George Floyd be resurrected, walk the earth and ascend to heaven?

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Between Covid19, BLM, and now the rainbow brigade in a 1-2-3 punch over the last month, the jews are in overdrive.

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And behold, on the 3rd day da guvna done raised welfare 200%, and George’s tomb was found empty by shaniqua and unikwe, both of whom had spilled malt liquor in his memory. Doubting deShaqua got smoked, mufugin’ biatch ass nigga.

And this is the word of George.

Keepin’ it real.

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After the council of Nigcea

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Almost spat out my drink at the monitor after reading that. Well fucking played.

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blacks don't get tested

[–] shifty_pete ago 

George Floyd got tested... posthumously...

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The gods and the goodified Floyd are surely smiling down upon BLMers from on high.

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Fentanyl high.

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It could be true. Maybe most people were scared to go outside while the size of the crowds protesting/rioting was exaggerated.

[–] haniacat ago 

Also, it gives neurotic hypochondriatics something else to worry about. If they get a runny nose they may just take an allergy pill instead of lobbying for a coronavirus test, because they something else to watch on tv.

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