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But it still has 50 stars and 13 stripes, which is representing the United States, i thought they were "autonomous"?

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13/50 bro

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Holy shit. It's a fuckin prophecy.

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The black and red do represent them and the blood of their victims.

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50 stars and 13 stripes

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Your chat privileges have been suspended.

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white replaced by black, blue (police?) by green (Jew money??)

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thats exactly what i thought, they hate america and want to separate so badly but they just dyed the existing flag intead of making their own.

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No one has ever accused them of being too smart. Only too lazy.

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Because leftists and niggers are incapable of creating. They only know how to corrupt or destroy.

[–] temp_lurk ago 

I used to think that too, well the separate part. I don't think they do, they know they would not make it.

[–] eronburr ago  (edited ago)

They exist to change things, not create or maintain. Destruction is apart of change. It's why they're ideal to usher in Socialism them Communism, then get enslaved or killed.

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I've said it before and I'll say it again. All of these events recently have strengthened my faith.

There is a God, and he's the best fucking comedy writer ever.

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Unironically this. God is the best entertainer of us all and I love Him for it.

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Evil people are preparing the way for the man of Lawlessness and instead of dignity he gets a clown world.

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What is it with niggers and waddymelm, fried chiggumz, muh dik, malt likka, sail foams, lootin' and shootin'?

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No way they actually made a watermelon flag on purpose. What's next, state flower is a banana tree?

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Collard green

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what's up with the collard greens and niggers?

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A potleaf.

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Weimar America replaced by

Watermelon America

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Can't wait until someone gets smart and shuts off water and power supply to Antifastan - shits going to go down faster than a kneeling democrat.

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What, to all the businesses and residents who are completely unaffected?

Stop watching Fox. It's just a hippie protest.

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Just a hippie protest with armed patrols and beatings.

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What a faggot you are.

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Seattle is a shithole anyway. Just wall it off and lock all the crazies in. They'll devolve back into monkeys or die out eventually. Let them have all the freedom they want. Just film everything from the air and make a reality TV show out of it. Naked & Afraid: Blackistan. They don't get any technology that white people created. Hilarity will ensue when they find out just how "privileged" they were to live with white people who actually know how to run a civilization.

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Leftists should never get to start with something white capitalist society built and engineered.

They need to start IN THE DESERT from scratch, or on a little used Island.

Why do black south africans get to take over all the white cities and turn them into hellscapes and socialist shit holes?

Libtards need to build from scratch!!!!

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No electricity either. Grow your own food. Anyone attempting to leave will be shot on sight. 500 meter minefield no-man's land between the city and the rest of the world. Any and all leftists, jews, faggots and nigger criminals are air-dropped into the city with a parachute that might work from a helicopter.

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You just solved the "what do we do with these expired parachutes?" question.

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This is by far the best idea but it's a shame the world is too cucked to enforce it.

Another possibility would be to throw parts of weapons, no food and do a battle royale, the last one to survive is the winner (and goes to jail).

[–] Diarrhea_Van_Frank ago 

The last one to survive gets to live

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The National Bird is gunna be a Fried Chicken , lol

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