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Never has so many done so little with so much.

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imagine having all the tools to succeed and you still end up living in a mud hut?

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Some would argue that tropical climates select against intelligence and cooperation because foraging and opportunism are sufficient. No need for permanent dwellings if there is no winter, etc.

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Technically, I think it's feces and mud.

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Niggers struggle with basic concepts like work and ambition.

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MUD?! Stop believing Nat Geo...it is made of SHIT

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Never has so many done so little with so much.

...and for so long — we are told humans originated in Africa, so whoever is still there has had quite a head start over everybody else; that and all the resources one can possibly dream of (not just minerals, but land that can grow anything if you just bother planting anything...) — how come they didn’t do anything of value out of it? this gal doesn’t understand the point she is actually making...

[–] beefartist ago 

There are plenty of deltas in Africa that aren't the Nile and yet the only non african africans are the ones who can do anything useful there

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Until the white Europeans showed up..

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never created the wheel or a sail

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Never tamed the zebra for riding or tamed wild dogs for pets.

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Germans trained zebras in the 30 years they had colonies on the continent

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Well they really aren't much smarter than both those animals. If anything the animals had the nigger trained.

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Never discovered Madagascar which was 300 miles away.

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To busy with MUH DICK to manage to actually create technology

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Or metallurgy. Any examples were short lived, until pretty modern times. No bronze age. No iron age. Not even a late neolithic if you treat that as equivalent to the agricultural revolution.

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Even in the modern era they cannot farm.

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Madagascar was originally settled from the east, by Austronesians, even though the coast of Africa is much closer than south east Asia.

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Whites created and gave it ALL its value. There would be no fucking shirt otherwise. Stupid nigger

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Good point. I wonder where that shirt was made. I'm banking on Taiwan or China.

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China, Vietnam, India, Central America... Taiwan hasn't been in fabric manufacturing for years.

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Africa, perhaps... africans on the other hand...

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See, I actually think that this is counterproductive. Shouldn't we encouraging the Negro to be self reliant and to pursue Blexit?

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Wasted effort. They won't blexit or be productive, and then you'll have just wasted your time.

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No, they can be placed on a reservation or anthropological preserve (the Congo) and the continent can be civilized.

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Shouldn't we encouraging the Negro to be self reliant and to pursue Blexit?

In the long run, there will be no negros, except maybe in zoos. Why would you waste effort hauling them back and forth?

Better invest your time to encourage fellow whites to give up democracy and equality, so they dont resist so much when the nigger question gets closer to its solution.

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Shithole people on a resource-rich continent.

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No different than North or South America when Europeans discovered them.

[–] binrobinro 1 point 1 point (+2|-1) ago 

Agreed, but that was a while back - not today.

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Without niggers, the criminal justice system would be 90% out of work.

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Watching live pd right now and literally just had that exact thought a few minutes ago lol.

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I get that thought every time I watch Live PD except when it's somewhere like Montana.

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Imagine what could be done with all the saved gibs. We might be able to actually help the poor.

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Existing section 8 housing would be more than enough to house all of the homeless. Some will need to be placed in institutions but we could rehabilitate far more homeless whites than any amount of niggers we trained to ape human behavior.

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be proud of the continent having liquified algae that grew a million years ago

native people had such primitive technology that they couldn't do anything with it until white people showed up and taught them about well drilling, oil refining, and the combustion engine.

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Wanna know a secret, Worf? The so-called combustion engine doesn't work on combustion at all. Gasoline has psychedelic effects which cause your car to go. (((They))) tell you it works by combustion to keep you from getting high and exploring other worlds. The final frontier.

@chirogonemd @PeaceSeeker @heygeorge @bojangles @SarMegahhikkitha

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I would be shocked if @worf_motorboats_troi didn’t know the magic of huffing gas

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Wherever they kicked out white people the oil infrastructure went to shit and can't even be recovered now.

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She's forgetting that WHITES found those resources and tonight them to dig them up...

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