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I don’t GAF at all. Show me fucking babies being chased by Javelinas with lasers coming out of their eyes, I don’t care. Fuck their food, fuck their music, fuck their language, fuck their needs, fuck their shitty loud ass cars, fuck their culture, fuck whatever they want or think they deserve, they all must go back. Don’t want to be locked up? Stay the fuck at home! I don’t care, my feelings got all used up on feeling bad for every other fucking degenerate or minority that is being rammed into my face non stop. Your tears are wasted on me, I hate each and every one of them.

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If history is any indication, the only way they will be repulsed is with lethal force. Time to face facts.

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I'd be a much worse president than trump and strafe an entire caravan by a10 warthog squadron unloading cannons and cluster bombs in mexican territory.

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14 pictures that will convince you we don't need no borders. No wall, no USA at all.

And then, 14 words that will convince we do need all that 'shit'.

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Repeat 88 times a day for best effect.

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Alll you need to do to convince liberals diversity isn’t a good thing is to put them in diverse areas.

[–] TheSeer ago 

Sad but true. This is why the PNW is a leftist hot bed. Maine/Vermont too, I am sure. White guilt, without enough experience of 'diversity' to know better.

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There comes a certain point where people should just be put out of their misery. I've had a hard life, never went to college switched careers 3 times but I've always found a way to make $60k+ by applying myself and working hard. This isn't me crying, simply stating it's possible if you suck it the fuck up.

I'm making double that this year and 30% is going to kikes so beaners can breed. 40,000$ of my money earned with blood and sweat, in sometimes 108 degree heat going to useless beaners so that they can breed like rabbits.

So why should I, who has worked hard to provide a great life for myself an my family, he forced to support browns simply because a few soft handed non workers in Washington DC shed some tears? I'd like to bring then out to a fracking crew, or a work over rig in West Texas for a full two week hitch in 110 degree weather in Orla Texas (which is basically the fucking sahara) before they consider robbing the working men further.

After the hitch, they'll reccomend mass killings of immigrants rather than tax increase.. It's easy to want taxes increased for soft hand office fucks, but experience our lives as working men before crying over non citizens. We are not weak and complacent, piss us off enough and nothing in this world will function anymore. We will come for you eventually like we always do.

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"Work hard and earn lots of money so you can give it to people who don't do either of those things!"

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ICE needs to deputize all constitutional constituents that own guns to help them eradicate the illegals

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replacement migration is a sledghammer to divide nations and intends to bring these down that could stay outside the NWO grid

ebola in US tbc in EUssRabia + rape and pillage

and then you have the supranational ruling bodies, no legitimacy whatsover but rules intend to penetrate all areas of life !

The Global Reporting Initiative is an international independent standards organization that helps businesses, governments and other organizations understand and communicate their impacts on issues such as climate change, human rights and corruption.

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If you made this @Ctrl_Alt_Llama , excellent and effective work. Hopefully this becomes widely used on places like Twatter.

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yeah those fucking nazi cunts

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I've got a good viewing spot for Sunday, there are illegal beaners in the building across the way, gonna make popcorn and everything

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You should film it lol

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Oh yeah

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