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Breaking News! Nignog takes from society without contributing!

This is just typical at this point

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"We vote now. We democracy."

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I know this might seem a little out there, guys, but what if... Just bear with me... What if culture is downstream from biology?

I mean, yeah, this means the Marxists are wrong, but they care about science, and facts and data, and change their mind when presented with such, right? I think we can convince them!

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What? You don't think biology is downstream from culture? Are you some kind of rational thinker or what?

[–] sowilo ago 

biology begets culture

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And the ADL was founded in memory of a jewish pedophile, who got what was coming to him after pinning his crime on his retarded janitor.

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Ah thanks for reminding me, I totally forgot about that story.

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Leo Frank trial for murdering Mary Fagen, not a source but it’s a start.

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It's like Planet of the Apes.

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At least the apes in the movie were articulate, unlike most niggers.

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Jews caused this.

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If I lived in France, I would deliberately break the laws this Togo bitch created and then harshly punish the police that came to enforce them.

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What a filthy ugly nigger whore bitch in dire need of rope. Of course that's all of them. lol.

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Why are our Elites so cucked? Are they really all under Jewish influence? Hardly to believe

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funny and short read about the new EU-"leaders".

As the Belgian Prime Minister, leading a coalition government, despite warnings from his coalition partners that they would walk out if he signed the U.N’s Migration Pact, he signed the U.N’s Migration Pact. Off they went and the coalition he led became a minority government with the stroke of his pen. Throwing Belgium into completely unnecessary political turmoil.

this guy will not be European Council President. Think he got his reward for crashing the country?

[–] Yuke ago 

He's Jewish as well isn't he?

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They ain't my elites.

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They think that "helping" minorities by taxing us and subsidizing minority education and home ownership is going to make a more virtuous society. They're not all kiked, many of them are simply aloof.

[–] Ken_bingo2 ago 

Jews derive their power as a race from the few who are money printers in countries like UK, USA, France.

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That's just how they barter in her culture, bigot.

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