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Oy! Be sure to drink your daily dose of phytoestrogens.

[–] Goat-Master-5001 ago 

Don't forget your daily dose of glyphosate. Heineken changed their formula, and now has genetically engineered material in it. Heineken uses GMOs....so that means that you're consuming a carcinogen when you drink that shit. Most beer companies (but not all) use GMOs and additives, slowly poisoning their customers. Of course, some years back, one of their customer service reps admitted the existence of genetically engineered material in their beer (that means GMOs), however Heineken later denied it, and that their customer service rep saying this "made an error". Yeah, right. Meanwhile, we still don't know the full ingredient list in Heineken. I think I'll pass on chugging something, when I don't even know what's in it.


No mainstream beer company will give you their full ingredient list. They hide shit in there.

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Who drinks that shit beer?

Also, this stinks of (((stealth marketing)))...

[–] DH45 ago 

Heineken is probably popular enough that they don't need to engage in that kind of marketing anymore. But what do I know?

[–] TheTrigger ago 

People with little money and plenty of problems. It takes the edge off, man. I don't drink that shit, but can empathize completely. Now, if you're just an alcoholic: get your shit together.

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If the wife gives you money i doubt youre man enough to buy what you want with it.

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why the fuck would anyone drink heineken?

[–] naughty_skunk ago 

What is your preference on beer then?

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yuengling is pretty good.

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Not @NotDrunkEnough (who seems to be an authority on the matter), but I (now tentatively) drink beers "Brewed According to the German Purity Law™". Apparently, old leftover glyphosate that's been in the ground since before the relevant grains were planted is still an issue, unfortunately; I have since cut back on it. Liquor is where it's at— the distillation process gets rid of a lot of impurities.

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Teenage puggle ninja turtles

[–] mediaisfooked ago 

LMAO! Thanks for making me laugh.

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The Wife

Go back to cuckdit

[–] jewsbadnews ago 

Open boarders Heineken? GTFO of here OP!

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