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I hate to play devil's advocate, however short people seem to get less sympathy than fat chicks do, this seems even dumber considering you don't choose to be short. Although if you act like a prick you will be treated accordingly. As a member of the 5'6 gang, short people are oppressed. So much so in fact 6 million short people got killed by giraffes. Never forget!

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6 giraffillion!

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Elephants never forget the 6 million girafillion

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Goebbels was 5'5", so you can still achieve greatness.

I'm taller than most, but i've read tall people don't tend to live that long.

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I dunno, however my grandma was like 5'1 or so (might have been because she was so old) and lived to be 101, so you might be right.

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That nose..

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I couldn't even watch the one that went viral recently because I really hate how mean society is to short men, I'm SO RELIEVED he's doing a bit.

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I can understand why taller men are are genetically favorable. But the standard has become unreasonable. The expectation of > 6' is more than a standard deviation above the mean

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Not for white people it isn't. Our national average for height is dragged down by negroes and hispanics.

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Do you have the video? I can't find it now.

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Weird Bitchute isn't loading for me. Thanks though!

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it's on owen benjamin's YT


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Lol poor guy though. If (and only if) he's not jewish, I feel bad for him. He sounds like he's just fed up about all the "If you're less than 6' swipe left" attitude that he gets. He doesn't realize, though, that "If you seem hungry, you will starve."

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HE HAS MANY EXPLOSIVE VIDEOS screaming at people about being 4'11"

Look at this OTHER short freakout of his !!!


Comedy gold.

The little jew has many many more. He rages to create youtube content for his channel.



A third troll video about his height where Chris makes up short shit in rage! :


Hah! he really knows how to sell it. I don't know if deep down he has rage that makes his comedy work so well or not.

His channel and all the "short freakouts" not just the 3 I linked, prove he is a comedy cringe performer.

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Your video links are dead.

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All three videos in the links and one more freakout were shown on a special about him and his freakout videos at 4:30 PM Eastern Time in first half hour of INSIDE EDITION tv show. Up right until after air time, the links were still working. I wonder why they were removed by youtube?

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That's weird.. God, Jews are always lieing!

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Lying, you illiterate faggot!

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This yid could smoke a cigar in the shower.

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Cute little skamp.

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