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Aksually, conservatives are generally more charitable than liberals and volunteerly donate more. I liked the joke though, sorry to be that queer.

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Yeah, of course they're going to be more charitable. They don't think it's the responsibility of someone else.

While noting this was extremely queer. The fact that it has to be stated, makes the meme queer. I'll repost a less queer version perhaps.

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Aye, maybe have the liberal give someone else's money, the conservative give their own money, and keep the final one perfect as it is.

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*they don't think it's the responsibility of the government

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My plan of feeding the long time homeless to the newly homeless as a deterrent to both groups was “not acceptable” and “mean spirited” no, it’s tough love motherfucker. Nobody wants homeless bob jerky. O

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*when I read the last one: It's dangerous to go alone.

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nigger wtf are you doing

[–] HuginnOgMuninn [S] ago 

whatever the fuck I feel like, obviously.

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Isnt it regressive to post "gas the kikes". Youre only substantiating the hoax of the holocaust. Just say "kill the kikes".

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Each American citizen has the right and ability to succeed or fail. They also get to live with the subsequent outcome. True conservatives should be working to keep the government from interfering with those rights.