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What about a Jew who rapes children? No joke...

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That's just a fact. No joke to be found.

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Love has no age, you bigot.

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Yeah, thanks Fox News. eyeroll [high fives echo through the office]

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It's always been permissible for Jews to make fun of WASPS and other white people. The reverse has never been permissible.

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By never, you mean post WW2 after the jews gained control of our media and legal systems.

[–] Niggardly_Jew 0 points 4 points (+4|-0) ago 

Pre ww2 as well. Its why ww2 was fought.

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Prime benefit of being a shapeshifting jew fuck.

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Its TRUE even in 2003, you cannot even make MILD jokes highlighting how jews control things on FCC TV airwaves in USA :

Ask Family Guy , BANNED EPISODE!!

When You Wish Upon a Weinstein :


It had to first play on cable tv, not over the air TV.

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i'm almost certain i saw this episode on TV...

was that redpilling? it did more to glorify the jew than anything..

[–] ChiComs ago  (edited ago)

The DVD set in print said it had not been aired, and was censored. in repeats it eventually aired. its on the dvd though, intact. refer to wiki.

[–] RedditSureDoesSuck ago 

That's the weakest censoring I've ever heard.

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[–] RedditSureDoesSuck ago 

Fuck you for making me sit through that.

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I was expecting the joke to end with the kid going... "TA DA"

[–] oldzeke ago 

The Jew part was in the opening ten seconds but I like the whole thing anyway.

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Put this on a poster, and plaster it all over New York.

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Comic does have a point jews a lot of the time are beyond criticism.

[–] reject_kikery ago 

True but I generally dislike drawn memes.

[–] iLuvJews ago 

To be fair, I was raped as a baby and I couldn't stop laughing when it was happening.

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