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Is Babylon Bee waking up? (((Sternberger))) was the name of the prof they chose. Could be German, but anything with berg is more likely jewish than not.

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Could be German, but anything with berg is more likely jewish than not.

German names that can't be traced back to a profession are most likely Jewish names. Jews were not allowed to hold other professions than loaning money.

Some random examples:


Jewish last names: ( German - English translation)
Berg = Mountain
Stein = Stone
Tal = Valley
Schild = Shield
Acker = Field
Appelbaum = Apple tree
Futter = fodder or lining
Kreis = Circle


German last names ( German - English translation)
Müller = Miller
Fischer = Fisher
Ritter = Knight
Schneider = Tailor
Schmidt (Schmied) = Blacksmith
Meier = Person with lots of Land (like some kind of lord)

Some Bavarian names are special cases like "Steiner" it comes from Stein/Stone but its not a Jewish name in this case, it means "person dwelling near a stone, or rock boundary".

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This could be it's own post. Fascinating.

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There are a few Christians with Berg in their name, ie Johannes Gutenberg, inventor of the printing press* and of course the Hapsburgs. I don't know of any -stiens without Jewish roots.

* "His surname was derived from the house inhabited by his father and his paternal ancestors 'zu Laden, zu Gutenberg'. The house of Gänsfleisch was one of the patrician families of the town, tracing its lineage back to the thirteenth century."[12] Patricians (the wealthy and political elite) in Mainz were often named after houses they owned. Around 1427, the name zu Gutenberg, after the family house in Mainz, is documented to have been used for the first time." - source

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See it like a nice casserole. A nice slow bubbling pot getting more mature with time. People seem to be waking up a lot quicker. Stefan Molyneux has had some pretty anti kike posts recently. They have been cracking down on censorship like crazy (see what they did with the Epstein wiki page). There is no way its a coincidence they choose this name. Enough to not arouse a mob of angry Jews (indeed admitting the name might represent them might actually make people realize faster) but also enough to suggest yeahhh they knew what they were doing. Hopefully the next one is goldbergstein. Then well knew for sure

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Its satire, but I only knew by the babylonbee domain.

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Damn it. They are so good at satire and the world is so backward that I have to see thier domain name before I realize it's a joke.

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It's hard to tell ridiculous satire from reality these days. Thanks leftists.

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Its serious

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You know shit got real when you have to click the article to know if its satire or not.

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Please new tag "NOT_THE_ONION"

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Honest social commentary continues to be the best found in comedy / satire:

"I feared other minorities in class might get the false idea that people from immigrant families are capable of achieving success and aren't oppressed beyond all belief by a nefarious conspiratorial cabal of white, privileged males."

Democrats make a significant portion of the black population dependent on government handouts by telling young minority kids that they are not going to be successful regardless of how hard they try. When kids hear that, they conclude that school, and preparing themselves for the workforce, is a waste of time and not to bother with it. Minimum wage takes care of the rest, by making the entry market value of their labor illegal, so they never get a chance to start a career.

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Let's sing it together now: "Havaaaard, nagila havaaaard..."

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It's getting so difficult to tell from the headlines if it's satire or not.

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We should not allow asians here in the US because they are over achieving workaholics who know NOTHING about American cultural (LIFE) development OUTSIDE of pedantic pursuits. We will do FINE with OUR OWN (white) people.

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