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What I find really funny is that the more a white country allows a neighborhood of nignogs to behave as they want to, the more they devolve to what neighborhoods and towns in African countries, look like.

It's hilarious doing the side by side.

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Yes, it’s amazing just how predictable it is. Leave a white man to his own devices and he will start building things to make his life easier, he will start putting things away in case it is needed later, and with enough free time he’ll probably also do something artistic - as long as there aren’t drugs/booze around to kill all that potential

Leave a black man to his own devices and he will steal yours.

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The bottom reminds me of the old Donkey Kong game on Sega.

[–] Zoldam ago 

Donkey Kong is a Nintendo IP and unlikely it would appear on Sega, unless it was a bootleg. Are you sure it wasn't the SNES?

[–] Moln0014 ago 

I think it was snes

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I see Kangdumb.

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As bleak as some urban areas are, rural England (Such as Bath) are still quite ethnically homogeneous.

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It’s a 15 minute drive to Bristol though. ‘Diversity’ will inevitably arrive in Bath en masses at some point..

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But how would you get delicious ethnic food in the top one?

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Import a small number of slaves

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Mate they can't even understand vowels, making em' think those two things are the damn same

[–] Bigdickedelf ago 

That's a strange way to say niggers

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Pretty sure top one is Bath in the UK. Bottom one... somewhere in the US maybe? The police car looks American.

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Looks like a real classy place.

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