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Oh man, "To top it off, the wacky customer didn’t pay for his order" -- imagine if he staged it all to get free bagels

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imagine if he staged it all to get free bagels

He did. They taste twice as good when they're (((free))).

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The jew cries out in hunger as it takes a dozen, gluten-free only please.

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HE HAS MANY EXPLOSIVE VIDEOS screaming at people about being 4'11"



Comedy gold.

The little jew has many many more. He rages to create youtube content for his channel.



A third troll video about his height where Chris makes up short shit in rage! :


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I think the bigger problem is that he's dressed like he's nine years old.

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Children’s clothes are all that fit him

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That's no excuse if you're trying to attract the opposite sex.

His problem is not entirely his height. The majority of his problem is his attitude. Seeing how eager he is to display publicly his disdain for the bullshit he has to go through due to his height can you imagine what he does in private? No one wants to deal with that shit! That's also known as "baggage".

I work with a guy that's maybe 5'1". The dude is built like a tank, good attitude, has a wife, has a house, has 2 kids. The guy in the video looks like a angry fat sausage. That's on him. No one wants to deal with his "it's the world's fault" shit. I bet that fuck never shuts up about it either.

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Meh, shorty man syndrome, well known phenomenon. Thing is, there are plenty enough short women out there, it's the attitude that's the problem.

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Jewpoleon syndrome

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I don't want to entirely blame just the kike in front of the camera, it's entirely likely the kikette behind the camera was instigating as well. Very convenient how the video starts at the end of her question, so we don't know what she really said to set him off.

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He let a woman push him into a public tirade. He's a fucking weak pathetic loser.

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We already know he's a jew, you're just being redundant.

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A real man would've taken whatever she said to him in stride, maybe made a self-deprecating joke. Suddenly, the tables are turned, and the woman is wondering- "Why is this man so confident to make fun of himself in front of me? He must be very capable or skilled." That's your foot in the door.

But if you get all hurt and upset? Hah, you're never going to be looked at in a sexual manner if a woman sees you react like this.

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https://archive.ph/DpTT7 :

2019-07-10 | Long Island Bagel Boss customer goes on bizarre tirade

'That’s OK?” the unidentified Bagel Boss customer roared in a video shared to Twitter on Wednesday. '

'Employees at the Bagel Boss chain said the man — who didn’t appear to be a regular — walked in around 9 a.m. '

'A Long Island bagel shop customer was caught on camera lashing out at other patrons in a bizarre tirade about women rejecting him because of his short stature.“Why is it OK for women to say, ‘Oh you’re 5 feet’ on dating sites — you should be dead. '

'The manager said a female worker was serving the man when the woman looked up and smiled at him.“He just went totally nuts. '

'Suffolk County cops said they responded around 9:20 a.m. to the bagel store fight. '

This has been an automated message.

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I wouldn't have laughed at his height, I'd have laughed at the fact that his dick must be equally deficient and that's probably the reason they laughed so hard at him.

Then I would have picked him up like a bag of groceries and carried him out like the tantruming kid he was. Then he'd be getting the belt.

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Lol @ getting the belt

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Must be related to this guy:


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fuck that guy. wonder how many times hes had his ass kicked?

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Not enough, clearly.

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He got short with everyone and got a little lippy.

[–] robbstarrkk ago 


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Poor kid...

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Beings who have abnormal morphology struggle to find reproduction partners.

Welcome to Biology 101

[–] foltaisaprovenshill ago 

Yeah it's such a shocker that highly inbred ratface kikes don't attract normal women /s

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