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I can't bring myself to watch traditional TV anymore - the commercials are a complete deal breaker.

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it's a non-stop barrage, any time i go over to someone else's house and they're watching tv I just want to grab them and shout "WHY ARE YOU SUBJECTING YOURSELF TO THIS SHIT?!"

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Ow my balls!

[–] fightknightHERO 1 point 7 points (+8|-1) ago 

they are like miny doses of Marxism

besides, what kind of cuck allows his woman to watch Jewish Propaganda?

drop some redpills on your bitch

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What kind of a cuck allows Jews to air their propaganda and influence all the innocent white kids?

I admire your fighting spirit, but you should aim it at the Jews who run the media.

You obviously see what vast majority of other normies cant see. Dont laugh at them, instead target the kikes who run the media if you truly want to help them.

[–] Goys-R-Us 1 point 3 points (+4|-1) ago  (edited ago)

You have no respect for decent women. Calling them "his woman" and "bitch" tells me you're a low IQ faggot.

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I visited my wife's aunt a few days ago, and the TV was on in the background. I was mesmerized! Every other commerical was for a prescription medication.

Everyone was getting sick of my company because I wasn't paying attention to the conversation, I was just yelling at the TV, "Most people are not physicians and can neither diagnose the condition this medicine treats not prescribe this medication as treatment! Who are these commercials for?!"

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That was shocking to me when I first watched American tv from Europe, I couldn’t believe the amount of ads for drugs, that and the fact that virtually every couple on the commercials always seemed to be a black guy and white woman...

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Neither is the kike propaganda inbetween the commercials that much better.

[–] Thats_not_my_dog 1 point 13 points (+14|-1) ago 

Before my wife never noticed anything untoward or subliminal in advertising. Now, she points it out to me when she sees it.

One redpill at a time.

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Full footage of the speech here: https://collections.ushmm.org/search/catalog/irn1001951

Nazi party rally in the crowded Berlin Sportpalast on February 10, 1933. Joseph Goebbels, in business suit, delivers opening remarks about the aggressiveness of the 'Jewish press' and promises to 'shut' its "freches Luegenmaul"[cheeky lying mouth].

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Thanks for that

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If I watch TV I dont make it very long before I start naming jew trash and nigger trash and leftist filth

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Was watching mad men yesterday with my wife. All of a sudden this song started playing https://youtu.be/f20Oz9Yr_So

I turned to my wife and said “what Jewish think tank wrote this piece of filth???”

We paused it, looked it up, three fucking Jews wrote this song.

I hope the show doesn’t go full cuck, they just introduced this loveable, brilliant Jew with a heart of gold and I’m starting to feel sick.

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Some anon during peak ClownPosting made a montage of Norman Rockwellesque photos that played during the "Nostalgia" spiel on that show. Not that I know from firsthand experience, but that is a very effective way to bring a tear to a jaded man's eye.

[–] sbt2160p ago 

Mad Men is basically a jewish critique of the state of post-war White American society. You’d do better to avoid it.

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really? i saw the first season and it made life back then seem pretty fucking awesome. you could drink, smoke, and hit on women at work who were hired almost exclusively for the purpose of fucking them. you could casually tell your colleagues about how the jews were never to be trusted and no one would raise an eyebrow. then later that day have no-eye-contact sex with your wife or mistress with zero concern for her own pleasure. i gave up on the show around season 2 though because the show was just boring as fuck for me. it was like watching seinfeld without any punchlines.

[–] TheAntiZealot ago 

Wow, those lyrics are truly evil. Only a member of the Synagogue of Satan coud conjure up such madness.

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White men only exist to be lectured or laughed at on tv, if they exist at all. They’re basically on the level of Bigfoot in commercials these days

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The gilette ad was the worst for this. Almost every single white man was evil and every black man was a hero

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That commercial made some good meme fodder though.

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This.. It drives my family crazy.

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so THAT's why TV commercials always seemed chillingly unhuman... they're like an uncanny valley. I always assumed it was white people trying to sell me stuff. damn, jews have a looooooooooong way to go before they develop the social intelligence of any other race, because I really don't think commercials are intentionally cringey. what the hell have they been doing for the past 2000 years?

Maybe they're just the jealous younger brother who feels like they can never catch up. Killing the older brother isn't exactly going to solve that problem, dumbfucks.

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I've taken to mocking and calling out the bullshit in ads as I hear or see them. There's one that's repeated on the radio about life insurance I cannot stand. It implicates the dude as an invalid cuck who doesn't want to bother with adult life shit and a wife guilting him into going through the process.

"I guess you don't love me then" - wife.

Then the ad actually starts and explains how easy to get life insurance is through said company. It's a fucking mockery against any human with a modicum of critical thought.

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