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hello fellow boat-deck! did you know the underside of the boat is almost constantly under water? you should feel bad for being able to stay above water!

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Ah yes, the rare Deepwater Jew.

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My fellow White Men...

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Leave the poor octopus alone. They are incredibly intelligent and much more moral than jews.

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Octopi are amazing creatures, probably smarter than this asshole throwing it on the boat like trash. This has to be a spic.

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Want to know something pedantic? Octopi is actually incorrect. It's a Greek word, not Latin, and the plural of "pus" is actually "podes".

So it should either be octopodes or octopuses, but should never be octopi. Some fairly useless knowledge for you to share!

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I would love an octopus friend! Give it treats and puzzles or whatever. See how smart it is by having it memorize stuff and play games.

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Have you ever seen that movie octopussy? Wait...I don’t think that’s what it’s called. The girl has teeth in her snatch? I was really drunk when I saw it

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Dont insult a magnificent creature such as that. Jews are akin to ticks or leeches.

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Anyone who says "we whites" is a kike. I don't think I have ever heard of a white person speaking like that. Jews on the other hand, love to say "we jews".

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do you think all the niggers licking blue bell is a ploy by Haagen das to get me to buy Haagen das instead? Cause it worked. It worked.......

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